At a time when we’re all home and looking for ways to manage our mental health comes a new app from Toronto-based Hoame Meditation Studio. More than an escape, the app through Meta Quest is designed to give us the most immersive experience anywhere. With highly qualified instructors and backed by scientific research, the Hoame virtual experience goes beyond your typical wellness app. With Virtual Reality (VR) technology, they are taking wellness to the next level. Hoame welcomes everyone whether you’re new, or seasoned, to the whole mindfulness space.

Hoame Studio in Toronto opened in 2018 and has become North America’s largest modern meditation studio. Co-founders  are Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW, and Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP. These two academics, researchers, and teachers have master’s level recognition as mental health clinicians, also have over a decade of experience.  That includes Emergency medicine, community crisis, and private clinical practices and have published research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Their world-class downtown Toronto physical location is state of the art. It comes complete with meditation and yoga studios, infrared saunas, salt cave and community space. Beautifully designed, it’s definitely a studio we’ve enjoyed many times and look forward to revisiting when we can again.

What makes it different from other wellness and meditation apps?

“The app is launching at a time when extended lockdowns, closures, and fears around indoor classes, alongside increased isolation has many individuals feeling stressed and struggling with their mental health”, said Kersta. “VR allows Hoame to bring the elevated, impactful classes taught in the Toronto studio to subscribers around the world without the risk of lockdowns impacting their practice.”

Similar to Hoame’s Toronto-based studio, Hoame for Meta Quest makes community and connection an important part of its mission. The app allows users to feel connected with others during the class. In addition, the virtual studio allows Hoame subscribers to access a suite of mental health tools. Expect pre and post class mood surveys, progress tracker, monthly community events, while having fresh daily classes from world class instructors.

Hoame’s founders included these tools that have been shown to be clinically effective to support one’s mental health.  “The sense of connection and community events help to combat feelings of isolation, and the mood survey and progress tracker provide concrete evidence to the user of growth over time,” said Kersta.  Also, we love learning about the variety and diversity of classes and instructors. From studio to breathtaking environments, there is a style that will connect with everyone.

Hoame Meditation app

How does it work?

“With a VR headset, you get that completely immersive and realistic experience,” says Kersta.  “Applying that to meditation, now you can always get a front row cushion for a studio class or teleport to a faraway land for peace and quiet. In other words, from anywhere in the world, you can be at Hoame studio.”

Offering more than on-demand experiences, users can explore a daily schedule of studio classes. Indeed, each class will place users front row in the Light Room at Hoame studio Toronto for a private pre-recorded session with one of their expert instructors. They will be featuring over 15+ styles of meditation on schedule from sleep, sound, essentials, breathwork, mantra and more.

The convenience factor of super easy access, not to mention the fact that you can use at home or on the road, is certainly appreciated as well.

The Hoame App is available through the Meta Quest Store.  Requires Quest 2 hardware (available through various retailers including Amazon and Best Buy and the 128GB VR Headset with Touch Controllers is currently listed at $399.99)

Aside from the gear, membership costs start at $9.99 US per month/6 month pass $52.99 US, and $81.99 US per year.

Membership includes:

  • Daily in-studio classes
    • Growing library of on-demand experiences
    • Breathwork practice
    • Monthly events & workshops
    • Expert instructors
    • Real studio community
    • Progress tracker
    • Mood surveys
    • Sit-set customizer
    • 7-day free trial