Getting gorgeous beach waves for your summer hair has been a trend we’re obsessed with since forever. Beautifully beachy and carefree curls are always in style. Dress them up for a wedding or event, or play it down for festivals, concerts and picnicking in the park.

But achieving this effortless look of course requires, you know, effort. Or more accurately, skills. Waving that magic wand is a technique that most of us have yet to claim. The blowouts from your glam squad are a guaranteed good look, but what if you could replicate the real thing at home?

Summer hair remix

amika high tide deep waver

Employing a similar method to traditional curling irons, this turbocharged wand from the future was designed to recreate bouncy mermaid-style curls. But no need to wrap and weave each section. Instead, the wand does the work for you. Sectioned-off hair gets pressed into submission.

Unlike other wands that require a level of flexibility and wrist dexterity, this simple manipulation requires you just to follow your hairline and let the wand do the work. Built to dazzle, the amika high tide deep jumbo waver makes effortless look easy. 1.25″ tourmaline ceramic barrels are a nice size to replicate the look. The trio of barrels heat up to a maximum 390° F to seal the look.. Far-infrared technology locks in moisture so you can put the curls on repeat.

amika high tide deep waver, hair

Keep it tight and curly or loose

While the plug-and-play format is surely familiar, the added weight of the extra barrels is something to get used to. Extending the options of what your toolkit can offer positions this curling wand as a tool for the pros. The kickstand keeps your counters safe and the unit also boasts a safe shut-off after 30 minutes.

Included is a handy glove to keep your digits protected.

Boost your curls with a deep hydrating mask too- we suggest amika’s dream routine to protect your hair from the extra heat.

Available at your local Sephora for $165.