With Skipperi, the world of boating is no longer a pipe dream for the average person.

This Finnish boat share company has come to Canada. Think Car to Go, but with a fleet of boats. No need to pay for dock and storage fees, boat repairs and all of the other costs associated with boat ownership. Instead, with full membership, you can reserve either a boat or a pontoon boat and set off on a relaxing cruise.

The world of boating has been, historically, a very rich, white world of men.

Did you know that less than 30% of boat owners in North America are women? For example, I know that I have family who have spent decades on the water. In every case, only the husband drives the boat. Why is that? I think this is a fabulous way to get more women into this arena.

Enter Skipperi. All you need is a boating license and a harbour permit and a membership to Skipperi. Afterwards, you can be the captain of your own ship. You can get your license online, your harbour permit through Skipperi, and get free instruction sessions. Afterwards, you can take it more than once if need a refresher at any time. Furthermore, Their Instagram is full of instructional videos to help you dock, use the app and more.

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Friends of ours have a Skipperi membership and we have been fortunate to go out with them a few times. They usually go from the downtown Toronto docks, but they can get a boat at any participating marina. Just last week, for example, we met them at the Scarborough Bluffs Marina for a sunset cruise. For the first time, I got to view the spectacular Bluffs from the water and am, consequently, now obsessed with buying a houseboat.

There are a few options for membership with Skipperi that accommodates pretty much every budget.

The best part is that your membership works wherever they have Skipperi so you can use it while travelling. Add THIS to your travel bucketlist

With a monthly subscription from May-October you’ll get access to a new, fully equipped, smart fleet of motorboats without the hassle of ownership. You only pay during the boating season!

For $499 a month, you can reserve a boat any time on weekdays. Bookings come in 8am to 4pm or 4pm to 8am blocks. If you want unlimited weekends, it’s $794/month

For $250 a month, you can use the boats from 8am to 4pm, 7 days a week.

With Skipperi’s new Weekday Mornings subscription model, enjoy unlimited boating weekday mornings, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm starting at $249+HST/month for the season duration May 1st-October 31st, prorated to your start date. Complimentary practical training included.

Pay-as-you-go Boating , however, only costs $49+HST/month and then you pay per day as you take a boat out. Finally, if you want to sign up for the rest of the season, again, it’s prorated so you only start to pay when you have your license and harbour permit. Still plenty of great boating weather left!


Skipperi is Canada’s newest boat share app! Originally from Finland, the company expanded actoss Scandanavia and now, here to Toronto. Operating like a car share service, Skipperi will guide you through the process of obtaining the permits needed to get you out on the water. After going out on a sunset cruise with friends who are Skipperi members, Carole had to het to the bottom of this amazing opportunity. Ahe asked the crew to take her out on the water and answer all of her questions. Stay tuned for her upcoming story with all the deets! #skipperi #skippericanada #skipperitoronto #boating #boatinglife #discoverboating

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