She’s crafty, and she gets around! If you’re down with the custom look, then look no further than a world coloured with Cricut. This amazing machine cuts with precision, allowing you to make the most original designs for almost anything you can imagine.

With new drops that make for spicier designs, Cricut is upping the ante on what is possible for makers. Feeling nostalgic for a retro look? Cricut has just released the new Smart Iron-On Heat Transfer Vinyl with holographic effects. Or maybe a jazzy glitter effect is more appropriate? Cricut’s got that too.


cricut maker 3 setup

Last month, we explored some signature looks to make the most of your Canada Day celebrations. This month, with summer days trickling to a blazing finish, we have more fun ideas to make the most of it. Whether you have plans to hit up a Jays game or are looking for some festival frocks, we have some ideas to flex a signature look that’s all your own.


Rooting for the home team? Jays fans have a lot to cheer about this season, and with new rookie sensation lighting up the bats, Schneider is the real deal. He was drafted 849th overall by the Blue Jays in 2017 and has been waiting for his chance to prove himself in the big leagues. Cheer him, and the team on with a signature ‘stache T that reflects your love of the game. Using Holographic Iron-On, we paid homage to this second baseman with a take on his mug, creating this look easily with granted artwork free on the Cricut Access Subscription.

cricut summer holographic iron on

Combo your game-day look with a tote that screams “gimme a hotdog!!” Cricut Contributing artist Simply has some catchy designs, including this happy hotdog, which looks quite catchy using the new UV Activated colour changing iron-on. Always be sure the UV layers are at the top for maximum effect.

cricut summer uv iron on

Also an option at the ballpark, but equally as at home at any festival or park, this cute T uses a dash of glitter to add some flair. Adding the UV effect makes the beers pop, think of the possibilities, from mimosas to root beers, it’s easy to express your excitement in a fully customized look.

All images by Libby Roach.