Loft Fitness Club is now open in midtown, right on Yonge Street, north of Eglinton. This marks the second location of this women-led fitness studio, with co-founder Debrah Menashy leading the charge. Incorporating spin, barre, pilates and more, this all-in-one club aims to set the bar higher for fitness fans in sweaty midtown.

But unlike the clubs of our heyday, this spot takes requests and even offers themed classes to amp up the energy. How about a spin class for the Swifties? A barre class with Biggie? Man, you’ll feel like a woman after a banging 50-minute Shania set.


spin loft fitness club
Spin Classes are offered in a typical high-energy format and a Silent Spin class

The original Danforth Studio opened in 2019, exactly a year before lockdown life. Surviving the apocalypse, er, pandemic, was a feat. The dreaded pivoting only proved that Loft Fitness Club had legs. Founded by Debrah with her cousin as a co-conspirator, Loft’s legacy is built on its motto “Moving with Joy.” As an avid fitness enthusiast herself, Debrah often attended classes but rarely felt included.

“I felt like I no longer belonged in the fitness scene in Toronto – everything was marketed to twenty something white, skinny, blonde women. As a half Indian, middle aged, not size 2 person I really felt like I didn’t have a place.”

Debrah Menashy, Co-Founder, Loft Fitness Club
deb- loft fitness club
Debrah Menashy at Loft Fitness Club’s new location

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This ethos of inclusivity also spans ability and mobility. At every Loft Fitness Club, participants follow their own flow, taking cues from the instructor as needed. You focus on your work, yourself, and your strengths. At the Mat Pilates class, the moves were dynamic and difficult at moments. From 20-something to 50+, we were in it together. No comparisons or shaming. The community vibe definitely helped to inspire and the friendly chatter helped time fly.

Well-equipped changerooms with locks, showers and decent lighting are a bonus. While Danforth boasts a cafe experience, Yonge Street’s footprint is a tad smaller, so save the smoothie for at-home.


Now open in midtown 💥 we are so excited to stop by @LoftCycleClub ‘s new location! Pilates ✨ Spin ✨ Barre and more- with themed workouts + song requests 🎤 sign us up! #toronto #auburnlanesweats #loftfitnessclub #torontofit #fitness #nowopen #womenowned

♬ When I Ride – Ashley Mehta


If you’re looking to sculpt, tone and sweat in a friendly and supportive environment, sign right up. If you’re a gym bunny looking to strut, move it along. The community spirit and energetic-themed classes make Loft feel more like a clubhouse than a gym.

And for the month of September, Loft Fitness Club has a special promo! The 3 for 30 each class- $10 trial for any class. Get the full details –

All images by Libby Roach.

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