Ah, the irresistible allure of Horror movies. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s the season and we love the shock value. We don’t know but here are 31 films to watch at home or in theatres. Settle into your couch, keep a pillow handy for covering your eyes, whip up a Poisened Apple Martini and turn off all the lights. Who’s ready?

The Exorcist: Believer directed by David Gordon Green – in theatres on October 6

When his daughter, Angela, and her friend Katherine, show signs of demonic possession, it unleashes a chain of events that forces single father Victor Fielding to confront the nadir of evil. Terrified and desperate, he seeks out Chris MacNeil, the only person alive who’s witnessed anything like it before.

In The Nun II directed by Michael Chaves- in theatres now

SAW X directed by Kevin Freutert – in theatres September 29

Hoping for a miraculous cure, John Kramer travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure, only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer uses deranged and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists. The buzz on this one is already decent.

A Haunting in Venice by Kenneth Branagh – in theatres now

Now retired and living in self-imposed exile in the world’s most glamorous city, Poirot reluctantly attends a seance at a decaying, haunted palazzo. He soons gets thrust into a sinister world of shadows and secrets when one of the guests is murdered.

The Fall of the House of Usher (2023) – stream on Netflix beginning October 12

Siblings Roderick and Madeline Usher have built a pharmaceutical company into an empire of wealth, privilege and power; however, secrets come to light when the heirs to the Usher dynasty start dying.

Flashback (2023) – stream on Netflix

A yoga teacher’s life flashes before her eyes during a deadly home invasion, sending her on a desperate race through her past to save the man she loves.

Sister Death (2023) – stream on Netflix

A novice with supernatural powers arrives at a former convent, now a school for girls. The strange events and disturbing situations that torment her will lead her to unravel the skein of secrets that surround the convent and haunt its inhabitants.

PARASITE (2019) by Bong Joon-Ho – stream on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu

This dark comedy thriller about greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan.

The Fifth Cord (1971) – stream on Mubi

A journalist finds himself on the trail of a murderer who’s been targeting his acquaintances, while the police identify him as a suspect in their investigation.

The Forbidden Photos of Lady Above Suspicion (1970) – stream on Mubi

The wife of a financially struggling businessman is blackmailed by a mysterious man into having a sadistic relationship with him, or he will release damning evidence that suggests that her husband is a murderer.

In the Tall Grass (2019) directed by Vincenzo Natali – stream on Netflix

Based on the story written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. In the Tall Grass begins with a sister and brother who pull off to the side of the road after hearing a young boy crying for help from beyond the tall grass. Within minutes they are disoriented, in deeper than seems possible, and they’ve lost one another. The boy’s cries are more and more desperate. What follows is a terrifying, entertaining, and masterfully told tale.

She Dies Tomorrow (2020) by Amy Seimetz – stream on Mubi

Amy has a strange feeling that she will die tomorrow, and despite having no rational explanation, she remains utterly convinced. Somehow, her conviction that she will die tomorrow spreads contagiously through a town.

Censor (2021) Prano Bailey-Bond – stream on Mubi

A British film censor links a disturbing horror movie to her sister’s disappearance, and vows to unravel the mystery.

The Love Witch (2016) by Anna Biller – stream on Mubi

Elaine (Samantha Robinson), a beautiful young witch, is determined to find a man to love her. In her gothic Victorian apartment, she makes spells and potions, then picks up men and seduces them. However, her spells work too well, and she ends up with a string of hapless victims. When she at last meets the man of her dreams, her desperation to be loved drives her to the brink of insanity and murder.

Earwig (2021) by Lucile Hadžihalilović – stream on Mubi

A headstrong orphan discovers a world of spells and potions while living with a selfish witch.

A Glitch in the Matrix (2020) – stream on Mubi

What if we are living in a simulation, and the world as we know it is not real? Is simulation theory is not science fiction but fact? If life is a video game being played by some unknowable entity, then who are we, really? A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX attempts to find out.

Iezumi – Spider Tattoo (1966) – stream on Mubi

A seductive woman is kidnapped and forced into prostitution. After getting a spider tattoo, she grows vengeful on the men who mistreat her.

The Omen (1976) directed by Richard Donner –  stream on Disney+

American diplomat Robert adopts Damien when his wife, Katherine, delivers a stillborn child. After Damien’s first nanny hangs herself, Father Brennan warns Robert that Damien will kill Katherine’s unborn child. Shortly thereafter, Brennan dies and Katherine miscarries when Damien pushes her off a balcony. As more people around Damien die, Robert investigates Damien’s background and realizes his adopted son may be the Antichrist.

Re-Animator(1985) directed by Stuart Gordon – stream on Amazon Prime

At the University of Zurich, Herbert West brings his dead professor back to life. Following the horrific side-effects involved in the procedure, West moves to the USA to further his studies.

The Shining(1980) directed by Stanley Kubrick – stream on Crave or Amazon Prime

Jack Torrance becomes winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado, hoping to cure his writer’s block. He settles in along with his wife and his son, Danny , who is plagued by psychic premonitions. As Jack’s writing goes nowhere and Danny’s visions become more disturbing, Jack discovers the hotel’s dark secrets. He begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac hell-bent on terrorizing his family.

Train to Busan(2016) directed by Yeon Sang-ho – stream on Netflix

A man, his estranged daughter and other passengers are trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

The Ring(1998) directed by Hideo Nakata – rent on Youtube

Reporter,Reiko Asakawa’s, niece is found dead along with three friends after viewing a supposedly cursed videotape. Asakawa sets out to investigate. Along with her ex-husband, Ryuji, Reiko finds the tape, watches it. She promptly receives a phone call informing her that she’ll die in a week. Determined to get to the bottom of the curse, Reiko and Ryuji discover the video’s origin. They then attempt to solve an old murder that could break the spell.

La LLorona(2019) directed by Jayro Bustamante- stream on Shudder

Alma is murdered with her children during a military attack in Guatemala, but 30 years later when the general who ordered the genocide is found not guilty, Alma comes back to the world of the living to torment the man.

Midsommar(2019) directed by Ari Aster – stream on Amazon Prime

A couple travel to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown for its fabled midsummer festival, but what begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

Don’t Look Now(1973) directed by Nicolas Roeg – rent on Apple TV

Still grieving over the accidental death of their daughter, Christine (Sharon Williams), John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura Baxter (Julie Christie) head to Venice, Italy, where John’s been commissioned to restore a church. There Laura meets two sisters (Hilary Mason, Clelia Matania) who claim to be in touch with the spirit of the Baxters’ daughter. Laura takes them seriously, but John scoffs until he himself catches a glimpse of what looks like Christine running through the streets of Venice.

The Cabin in the Woods(2011) directed by Drew Goddard – stream on Netflix or Crave

When five college friends (Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams) arrive at a remote forest cabin for a little vacation, little do they expect the horrors that await them. One by one, the youths fall victim to backwoods zombies, but there is another factor at play. Two scientists (Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford) are manipulating the ghoulish goings-on, but even as the body count rises, there is yet more at work than meets the eye.

Hereditary(2018) directed by Ari Aster – rent on Amazon Prime or Apple TV

When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren begin to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry, trying to outrun the sinister fate they have inherited.

The Babadook(2014) directed by Jennifer Kent – stream on Amazon Prime

A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

Get Out(2017) directed by Jordan Peele – stream on Amazon Prime or Crave

Now that Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with her parents, Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behaviour as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries leads him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

Let The Right One In(2008) directed by Tomas Alfredson – rent on Apple TV

When Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant), a sensitive, bullied 12-year-old boy living with his mother in suburban Sweden, meets his new neighbor, the mysterious and moody Eli (Lina Leandersson), they strike up a friendship. Initially reserved with each other, Oskar and Eli slowly form a close bond, but it soon becomes apparent that she is no ordinary young girl. Eventually, Eli shares her dark, macabre secret with Oskar, revealing her connection to a string of bloody local murders.

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