The Toronto Six went out in style, finally celebrating their recent women’s hockey Isobel Cup victory and capping off a terrific final season with the PHF. The event celebrated the big moment in spring 2023 when the Six conquered in overtime against Minnesota, clinching victory and preserving their spot in Toronto’s hockey history. Finally, a winning Toronto team!

While the league shuttered shortly after to make way for The PWHL, this special moment deserved a celebration and the team, a proper sendoff.


Gathering in Etobicoke, Sami Jo Small, the team’s president, ensured each era of women’s hockey was honoured leading up to the ring ceremony. From the COWHL in the 60’s to NWHL, WWHL, CWHL, NWHL and finally PHF, each player, support staff and owner were acknowledged for their efforts in making the game what it is, and giving momentum to women’s hockey worldwide. This is the momentum we have waited for.

toronto six ceremony group_women's hockey
Women’s Hockey Legacy spans decades of talent

The crowd was buzzing with hockey dignitaries like Bernice Carnegie, and Angela James, both team owners and Gerald Heaney, head coach. Owners Johanna and John Boynton spoke passionately about the team’s illustrious drive to the cup, while also cementing their support, and highlighting the impressive recent attendance of Toronto’s newly formed PHWL team.

Toronto Six Celebrated in Signature Style

Reminding the crowd that “All of us are caretakers of this history,” Sami Jo Smalls was deliberate in her approach. She crowned each Toronto Six team member but also recognized the achievements of many female hockey players who paved this path to their glory.

Professionalism was a key component in her praise. Repeatedly, each league, over the eras, of mostly unpaid women, were shown the respect and admiration that were due. It was an emotional reminder of how far we have come. And with the imbalance that is still yet so glaringly obvious.

saroya tinker-toronto six- women's hockey
Saroya Tinker of The Toronto Six

Many of the players have settled into new roles and teams at The PWHL, but not all found new hockey homes. This gesture of reuniting not only The Six but countless other hockey heroes and figures is a notable finale worthy of an encore. You gotta shoot your shot, right?

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All images by Libby Roach.

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