So, you’ve been to the medispa lately…and now you’re looking to flaunt your new face. The problem is, you could pass as a burn victim or maybe a recent facelift candidate. While time truly does heal all wounds (usually, hopefully) we have found some new ways to heal your skin quickly with the best skincare for post-treatment recovery.

From microneedling to targeted laser treatments, your skin can take a beating for this beauty. But scientific advancements have pushed what’s possible into new realms. We round up some skin saviours to help promote healing and recovery.

The Best Skincare to Heal Quickly

Hale Derma is like a breath of fresh air for parched and distressed skin. Made by Xcite Tech, the maker of JetPeel Facial treatments, the hydrating spray and gel masks dispense a dose of an electrolyzed solution which when produced outside the body, inactivates pathogens. Using both before and after treatments limits the risk of infection and creates an atmosphere of healing. Recovery times are slashed and skin is enveloped in a professional-grade elixir that heals skin in a hurry.

hale derma

Utilizing energy-based devices for treatments may lead to skin stripping, frequently causing erythema and edema. The application of moisture-rich Hale Derma gel masks proves beneficial in soothing treated skin, promoting the generation of new cells, and replenishing hydration.

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Using the Hale Derma Spray protects the skin from infection, which is crucial to proper healing especially when the skin’s barrier has been broken. A quick mist delivers a powerful dose of alcohol and additive-free formula that’s made in Canada and is completely non-toxic and organic. Perfect for post-sun exposure or burns too.

alphascience la box esthetique

Made in France, Alphascience offers targeted solutions for even the most tricky skin woes. Harnessing NextGen Antioxidant Technology brings a stash of high-octane formulas all housed in one package, the La Box Esthetique. Dubbed the discovery kit, this bundle brings REGEN [Hx] a super-soothing lightweight perfecting lotion, Eye Matrix, that delivers a patented Botox-like effect. Also included is a powerful HA Booster that can be used the day after the cosmetic procedures to deeply moisturize. The Alpha Bright Serum is comprised of Ginkgo biloba concentrate to stabilize skin and target dark spots.

Another great product that works gently to restore distressed skin is the Algenist Liquid Collagen. is exactly that, a fast-absorbing collagen-rich serum that is like a drink for your face. Use to help restore moisture gently, with this fast-absorbing and deeply hydrating serum.

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stoic beauty chryso serum, Best Skincare for Post-Treatment

Super natural, and made in Canada, Stoic Beauty’s Chryso Regenerating Serum is a one-step solution for dehydrated skin. Featuring a clean, slightly herbal scent, this serum promotes cell regeneration and the main ingredient, Frankincense essential oil, is known for its ability to reduce inflammation.

la mer the renewal oil

Formulated after a freak accident left the inventor disfigured by fire, La Mer has long been touted as a miracle cure for the most damaged skin. Yes, it’s expensive, but factor in the cost of any treatment and create this power bundle to maximize the outcome. Our top pick? The Renewal Oil. Using nutrients found in the sea, hence the name, here the solution presents as the highly guarded Miracle Broth™ ingredient. The result is as close to the fountain of youth as we know it.

Always read the directions + follow all advice from your medical professional

Using any skincare to help your skin bounce back after treatment should always follow your dermatologist’s recommendations. The type of treatment will determine the correct course of action. Your doctor or medical team should always be your first stop for advice.

All images, except the lead photo, by Libby Roach.