There are so many times I wished we had some sort of inspiring health and wellness centre surrounded by leafy trees and gentle streams of water in Toronto complete with gurus and experts. Longevity House has opened but it’s not for just anyone who desires to live a healthful life  — apparently it takes a whopping $100,000 membership fee to access the secrets, and access, to a long and healthy life. *rubs eyes*

The private club is located in a serene one-acre forest that backs onto a ravine and is touted as “one of its kind” in Canada. With over 9,000 square foot of exclusivity, members have access to the top practitioners in biohacking, plant medicine, epigenetics, breathwork and functional medicine to balance mind, body and spirit including…Giovanni Bartolomeo, founder of Elemental Rhythm and a globally renowned breathwork and plant medicine specialist, and Urban Buddhist Monk Reverend Dr. Bhante Saranapala, a meditation and purpose-driven significance setting guide.

Many of the equipment here is only available at Longevity House in Canada and have been attracting  elite athletes and peak performance coaches alike in the US. Two examples of this are Lebron James who workouts out using Tonal and Tony Robbins using the Biocharger.

And no, Gwyneth Paltrow nor Deepak Chopra are involved. Longevity House was actually conceived by Toronto Michael Nguyen, who’s more known in the bespoke tailoring business dressing the likes of Drake, Ryan Gosling and Jeff Bezos. What do they have to do with longevity? I don’t know (guessing money). But he has a keen interest in innovation and technology. According to the press release, Nguyen, himself, has been experimenting with bio-hacking for a decade.

“We are creating a space for people to strive for health creation rather than disease prevention,” said Michael Nguyen. “How you live every single day matters, and we provide members with a destination to access the most innovative and proven tools in one place to ensure a longer and better healthspan.”

They also promise to bring the best of luxury, privacy, technology, expertise and ancestral grounding in nature. The team has also reportedly done years of research and trial and error to source the technology and combine it into a circuit to give members the most time effective training and recovery.

Membership is currently limited to 30 people.Who’s in? There are also plans to open a midtown location at Yonge and Eglinton this fall, and NYC and Miami locations in 2022.