Now that it’s February I know a lot of us have seen real progress in our weight loss journey. With that progress we need to think about a new wardrobe. Weight loss is a marathon journey not a sprint. I am going to provide tips that can be used throughout your journey.

I would recommend looking for clothing once you’re down two sizes because that’s when clothing starts to look too big. I also want you to celebrate all the milestones during these changes in your life.


Style Tips on How to Dress while Losing Weight:


1. STOP wearing your baggy clothing – The baggy clothes don’t make you look better and don’t help in motivating you. Baggy clothing adds extra bulk and why do you want to add extra bulk?Show off the best you now not just at the end of your weight loss journey which brings me to the next step…

2.Dress for your body now – don’t buy pieces for your next weight goal. Outfits for your current size will make you feel confident. Also this journey could stall at points and you don’t want to have clothing that isn’t being worn. Moreover, when you are losing weight you may be surprised where it comes off and how your body changes. Buying clothing for the next goal may leave you with items that actually don’t fit on your new body.

3. Look for fabrics with stretch – anything with stretch bounces back into it’s proper shape and give you room to lose weight. This is especially true when looking for jeans!

4. Shop Sales or Thrift – After the mad holiday rush stores are looking to clear old inventory. I also ask sales associates when their next sale is or if they could contact me when the next sale happens.

5. Wear your best colour – colour makes us feel and look happy. Not everything has to be black or blue. Colour says “look at me” and all eyes should be on you.


6. Buy Accessories – they transform outfits regardless of your weight and can help create different looks. Plus if you splurge on something like a handbag it can still be worn whenever you need it.

7. Find a good tailor – I think we should all have a good tailor or seamstress regardless of a weight loss journey. Once you get to the next goal weight a good tailor can nip and tuck all your basic pieces and have you ready at your current weight. You don’t have to buy a whole new set of clothes saving you money.


If you’re wondering where to start when buying new clothes I would recommend

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of trousers
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 or 2 blouses
  • 1 basic dress without lots of panels, easier to tailor


Good luck!


Photo Credit Heather Lang