Ozempic is a medication that has recently gained popularity as a diet aid. It is important to understand the potential dangers of using this medication for weight loss purposes.

Everybody Seems To Be Shrinking

I am not the only one who has noticed that actresses who have been on the heavy side are suddenly super thin? Actresses who have talked about how impossible it is for them to lose weight? They have been bodacious and full figured their entire lives? Rumours have been swirling about Ozempic parties and it seems they are the new 2023 Jesus in Hollywood.

Whether this weight change is a result of diet and exercise or Ozempic, she looks great in both images. The fact that society is obsessed with weight and weight loss and endures the pressure to be “thin” is a wider-reaching problem. Can women’s bodies ever NOT be publicly policed? Pretty please?

Ozempic Weightloss in the Media

We first heard about this via rumours about Mindy Kaling. Kaling has always been beautiful and super stylish and a real fashion lover. People talked about her like it was almost shocking that she managed to always look great, despite not being a size 2. Like anyone over a size 6 cannot possibly have real steeze. Look I don’t know how she lost all this weight, nor is it my business. I am happy that she seems happy. Frankly, my only issue with Ozempic, is that this diet fad is causing shortages of the drug.

Remi Bader, a plus-sized model and TikTok star, admitted to using it when she became pre-diabetic. She did lose some weight but regained twice the weight once she went off of it. This is something that I have read is a possible occurrence for people taking these diabetes meds to shed weight. Never mind the fact that rich people paying top dollar for diabetes medicine is causing a shortage of the drug.

Chelsea Handler revealed that she took it without realizing that it was only meant for type 2 diabetes. I guess her “anti-ageing doctor” just hands it out to anyone. She stopped when she realized that the semaglutide injections she was taking were actually Ozempic. Kudos to Handler for being honest. Has anyone told her anti-ageing doc that a bit of lovely fat is a friend to our ageing faces? When Elon Musk brags about using it, we are doomed.

This lovely woman looks pretty happy about her beautiful self. Goals.

First and foremost, Ozempic is a medication that is primarily used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

It works by reducing blood sugar levels in the body, which can be helpful for those with diabetes. However, when used as a weight loss aid, Ozempic can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels. This can lead to hypoglycemia, so that sounds like fun.

There is another version called Wegovy, that is approved for weight loss but only in patients with a body mass index of 30 or higher or 27 + a weight-related health issue). It also comes with major side effects. It’s meant to be used only when those side effects outweigh the health issues related to a patient’s obesity. I am sure that is not stopping some Drs from prescribing it to people who don’t meet the criteria.

Fun and Exciting Side Effects of Ozempic for Weight Loss

Hypoglycemia is a serious condition that can cause a range of symptoms. Super fun stuff like shakiness, dizziness, confusion, and even seizures or loss of consciousness. In severe cases, hypoglycemia can be life-threatening. Those who are not diabetic and take Ozempic as a weight loss aid may be putting themselves at risk. Buy hey, they will be skinny, right?

In addition to the risk of hypoglycemia, Ozempic can also cause other unpleasant side effects. Anyone up for a bit of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea? These side effects can be disruptive to daily life and can make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. They can also be a sign that the medication is not well-tolerated by the body. This should indicate a need to discontinue its use.

Furthermore, there are concerns that Ozempic may increase the risk of thyroid cancer. This potential risk was noted in animal studies, but it is not yet clear whether the same risk exists for humans. Nonetheless, the possibility of such a serious side effect should be considered when deciding whether to use Ozempic as a weight loss aid.

Finally, it is important to note that using medication as a weight loss aid is not a sustainable solution for long-term weight management. In order to maintain weight loss, individuals must adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Relying solely on medication to achieve weight loss goals can lead to disappointment and frustration in the long run. Also, our goals should be to stay healthy and active, not just to be thin but peeping out your bum with mild thyroid cancer.

How Far Are We Willing To Go To Be Thin?

ozempic weight loss

In conclusion, while Ozempic may be an effective medication for treating Type 2 diabetes, it should not be used as a weight loss aid without careful consideration of the potential dangers. Those who are not diabetic and take Ozempic for weight loss purposes may be putting themselves at risk for hypoglycemia and other unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, the potential risk of thyroid cancer should be considered when deciding whether to use this medication. Finally, it is important to remember that medication alone is not a sustainable solution for long-term weight management, and a healthy lifestyle is necessary for maintaining weight loss.

Or, we could stop obsessing about weight loss altogether. How about we focus on staying fit, keeping our bodies moving, trying to eat less processed food and learning to enjoy real food? If you want to lose a couple of pounds, go for it. You don’t have to justify that to anyone, just don’t risk your life to do it.