I love when two of my favourite things come together. Technology, and all it’s data based merits paired with high intensity training nets a workout like no other. Seriously. Enter GoGo Muscle Training, Yorkville’s newest address to for the fitness inclined.

As a seasoned fitness enthusiast, I take immense interest in the latest fitness revolutions, whether it be gadgets and gear or a new class or method to try. Advancements are being made, and efficiency is key. EMS falls into this double-duty category, and the technology of electronic muscle stimulation has been used for decades by physiotherapists, doctors and maybe even a little Dr. Ho.

Easy on the joints, and as tough as you can take it on your muscles, think of EMS as the deep tissue workout you’ve been looking for. A twenty minute workout, with easy to follow moves like leg raises, arm curls and plank moves gets the torched up treatment with independent treatment zones- you can completely customize this workout so each different muscle group gets exactly the dose of muscle contraction that you can take.

I say take, because you should push yourself as hard as you can to net the best results. Doing a series of workouts engaging each muscle group with the vest and pads on amps up the contraction forcing your body to activate 90% of your muscle fibers. During the class, you actually shrink an inch or two, the straps needed to be tightened about half way through the workout, even though I didn’t feel as though I was sweating. A trainer leads you through the series of moves, all while targeting the various muscle groups with the heads up display. With no heavy weights to burden your bones and joints, you can push yourself harder without fear of injury. Muscles that may not be balanced, if you’re right handed for example, your left arm is likely not as strong as your dominant hand. Adding a little extra to that lefty means you can bring some equilibrium to your workout equation.

And the after? Well, our trainers were completely accurate saying it would be the most painful 48 hours after the workout. I honestly felt like a ran a marathon.
Stairs were difficult, sitting somehow worse, in all the best possible ways. After having two c-sections with my daughters my ab muscles have always been hard to target, I saw noticeable differences to my stomach and it definitely looked flatter. GoGo Muscle Training is the real deal.
A single session will set you back $89, and there’s memberships and bulk discounts too.

Thanks GoGo Muscle Training for having us in!