The count down is one. We are in the month of December and Christmas is almost here. I have a pretty firm grip on what to put under the tree. It is always the stocking stuffer that gets me. Four stockings to fill. A tween, a teen, a hubby and a nana. I have the standard toilitries all purchased. But now what? Below are some great ideas for a unique and full stocking.

For the Tween 

Small enough to fit into a backpack or locker this bite-size detangling brush and mirror compact is perfect for the stocking. Milk + Sass’ Macaron for Hair® is the hair accessory that is every bit a novel as it is functional. Part high-end detangler, part compact mirror, and all around chic. From $18.00
The perfect toque for any hockey fan. Roots Script Hockey Toque features a typical Canadian scene, hockey in winter. Available in one size but multiple colours. From $26.00
For the Teen
Believe that the sky is the limit? This delicate Infinity Bracelet will keep you focused on your mantra because anything is possible! Perfect for a graduate, ambitious teenager or anyone reaching for the stars. From $30.00
Fortnite or gaming fans in the house? Why not add some fun to their days with an EB Games Gift Card. They can be used to buy PS4 or Xbox gift cards or anything else in the story really.
For the Hubby
Your music aficionado will love this small, digial metronome. It is accurate, reliable and easy to use. The tempo can be set in pendulum steps, whole steps, or via Tap Tempo to accommodate the student or the professional. Best of all, the headphone output provides privacy. From $24.99
Indulgence is the name of the game! These 35 grambars are a simple combination of quality ingredients on a backbone of great chocolate. Available in slow Roasted Almonds, Slow Roasted Hazelnuts, Cherries, Roasted Cacao Nibs, Coconut. From $4.50
For the Nana
What can we say? It fits perfectly into a stocking! This lively limoncello has spicy cardamom and lemon verbena in the mix. YUM. From $15.95
You’ll have to cram it in, but what a great gift idea! With bigger font sizes, this book features 150 different puzzles. From $9.24
For the Wife
It might be a little big and expensive for the stocking, but it is 100% worth it! The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is a beauiful bottle of wine. Enticing aromas of black cherry, Frangelico and eucalyptus coupled with extended barrel aging means the wine is rich, creamy with mouth-pleasing sensations. From $65.80
We all know how brutal winter can be on the skin. This uttery-rich hand cream, made with avocado, olive and basil is a conditioning treat for dry skin that’s almost good enough to eat. From $26.00