Foodie sounds so informal. Gourmand has a presence. Its got a mood. It’s not fly by night or trendy, gourmands are classic revelers, with mature palates and discerning tastes. They could eat out at one of Toronto’s finest but usually prefer to cook for themselves at home. If this sounds like someone on your list, then check this twice, we have something for you dear readers, whether you’re naughty or nice. From bank bustin’ kitchen gear to svelte stocking stuffers, we got a little something for the foodie in your circle. Damn, said it again.

Wendell Estate Honey
For the honey snob in your world, impress even the most staunch honey critic (I’m looking at you Pooh) with this creamed raw prairie white honey. Made in Saskathewan to local bee farmers who have been in the business for generations, Wendell Estate‘s jar of white gold makes for a perfect hostess gift, or a heavy stocking stuffer. From $31.

Wendell Estate Honey

All-Clad Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
For the perfectionist. A sous-vide is super sciencey, you literally vac seal that duck leg and come back to a precision piece of poultry. But don’t limit yourself to just meat, with cannabis being legal, many are sous-videing their ganga to promote the release of even more THC, taking that bud from meh to marvelous. From $300 at HBC or wherever you snag your swanky kitchen beasts.

All-Clad Immersion Circulator

Butter Avenue Holiday Dessert Treats
You’ve offered to bring dessert to the dinner party. Wow them with all the sugary delights from the French pastry trained chefs at Butter Avenue. Deliciously snappy Gingerbread men are full of flavour. Seasonal macarons are always crowd pleasers. Cute, light and fluffy snowmen and gingerbread cake houses are what dreams are made of. Order ahead and live up to those sugarplum fantasies.

Lindt Chocolate Spread
Spread the Christmas cheer with a dollop of the dark stuff. Let’s face it, Nutella is for amateurs. Lindt makes a spread so sublime, you’ll be looking to smear it on everything, or if it’s your thing, anyone! Starting at $7.99.

Lindt Chocolate Spread

Bonne Maman Jam
Jam is a condiment in any good fruit loving house, and nobody makes it better than Bonne Maman. Tu parles francais? Then you know what the brand translates to. Up your parenting game and fool everyone with a jar of of the good stuff, now in so many flavours it’s hard to run out of ideas. Snap some up at your local grocer from $5.99.

Bonne Maman Jam

Stonewall Kitchen
More into savoury? Yeah, me too. Stonewall Kitchen has that angle covered, with a lineup of dips, sauces, crackers and more to make entertaining effortless. Grab a few items and make your own dazzling holiday basket, perfect for gift giving. I’ll be hoping for this zippy Red Pepper Spread, a firey friend for that wheel of brie I’ll inevitably eat. From $7.95.

Stonewall Kitchen Red Pepper Spread

Instant Pot
We’ve drank the Kool-Aid, hell, we’ve even tried to make Kool-Aid in this thing. There’s quite honestly a reason everyone keeps raving about this gadget, it’s safe, simple to use and cooks in record time. If you know someone who admits to actually not owning one, they’ve either recently suffered a kitchen fire and therefore lost all tangible items, or they’re just playing coy, and you just guessed their dream gift. $99.95 USD.

Instant Pot

Vegan Chocolates
The vegan on your list will be straight up lusty for these beauties, especially after watching you inhale an entire tin of Quality Street. Local artist and CXBO co-owner Sarah Keenlyside’s creations are creamy and delightful, all without using anything with a tail. The Aura Collection is a reflection of The Aura Room at the Gladstone Hotel, making this a novel gift for the passionate Torontonian. Using plant-based fat, cashews and coconut milk provide the mouth feel and flavour. The Aura Collection boasts nine unique flavours inspired by the energy and colours of the aura colour wheel, including Orange/Bay Leaf/Olive Oil, Cinnamon/Rose/Chili and Blackcurrant/Violet, and will be available online and at CXBO’s Kensington for $24.

CXBO- Vegan Chocolates
Photo courtesy Gab Communications

Drake General Ornament
Heinz or French’s? Stay safe and go with felt with this adorable tree topper from Drake General Store. $15. Also available, mustard, but stick with the sweet stuff, it’s more festive.

Drake General Ketchup Ornament

The domestic goddess of effortless entertaining, Claire Tansey has just come out with her amazing cookbook stuffed with recipes galore, none too fussy or too fancy- her recipes are easy to replicate and make for a perfect gift for those looking for something new. From $25.

Uncomplicated by Claire Tansey

I Love India
Give a dose of heat this winter, it’s cheaper than a trip, and it’ll last a lifetime. Anjum Anand’s treasure trove of Indian eats is just the ticket for any chef, her recipes deliver the goods, honouring India and her interpretations on the regions throughout it. A love letter in food form. <3 $27.99 currently at Indigo

Anjum Anand’s I Love India

Maille Cornichons
With the entertaining season in full swing, everyone can use a few extras even for those late night soirees! A good guest will bring the host a little gift. You can easily put together a presentable hostess gift that not necessarily the predictable bottle of wine. Available at most grocers.