Food from a machine might sound like a quirky way to get fed, but we’re living in the age of automation, so why not channel your inner Judy Jetson and order up? FEBO runs a strong vending machine game in Amsterdam, feeding small armies of people without a word, for decades, so what’s taking us so long? I celebrate every opportunity to bud in line and snag my coffee like a covert agent, hustling in like the Hamburglar and sneaking off with a brown paper bag. Anti-social? Maybe. But efficient.

Enter Pizza Forno. Nestled into a tidy 68 sq ft in tony Yorkville, Pizza Forno is rolling out this curious concept, a 24 hour pizzeria dishing out pizzas in 3 roughly minutes. The operation is completely autonomous, no staff on hand or cashier in sight. You place your order using the touch screen computer, payment is through Interac or Credit, and bam, in three minutes or less your 12″ pizza slides through a slot and you’re on your way.

Four pizzas make up the menu, ensuring an uncomplicated process for order accuracy and efficiency. Cheese, pepperoni, of course make the cut, and niftier noshings like Honey and Goat Cheese (pictured) and BBQ Chicken offer more sophisticated options. Prices run between $11-$15 depending on your pie, and you can also opt for a cold option to take home and bake for yourself.

So, gimmicks aside, how is the pizza? It took months and months of research to come out with the perfect crust, sourcing ingredients and nailing down the recipes. It’s rather unexpectedly good. It’s cooked well, the ingredients shine, it’s simple. The concise menu means limited options, and that’s not a bad thing. Easy to order as it is to eat, look for plenty more Pizza Forno’s to roll out city wide in 2019.