Othership is now open in Toronto. The eclectic space is a new concept, one that is desperately needed to circumvent the whole let’s meet for drinks vibe. The ethos here is supplying a very inclusive option, one that doesn’t depend on alcohol to engage with others. Welcome to your new girls night out.

Bridging the gap between a spa and a bar or coffee shop, Othership brings proven science to the forefront, utilizing a sauna and ice bath circuit to bring out all the bad stuff. Guided group sessions allow for safe sharing in a very cosy space. How often have you tried to wrangle your gal-pals for a night out? The very notion, of juggling dining preferences and diets, or respecting those abstaining from alcohol all vanishes with a thoughtful approach to the location.



a transformative design

Futurestudio designed the 3,000 sq ft space on Adelaide West which includes a tea room to unwind. A fireplace burns bright and allows the senses to take over facilitating a broader and more vulnerable conversation.

Founded by Robert Bent, Emily Hunter, Amanda Laine, Harrison Taylor and Myles Farmer, the idea of a neutral meetup space was born during the pandemic times, after the group hosted guided breathwork on Zoom to friends and family. Offering hot and cold sessions to bubble mates in a detached garage proved the concept had legs, and backers soon came calling. Notably, investors from Headspace, as well as the founders of Soul Cycle and Field Trip Health have all chipped in to this launch. “We envision Othership as a way to socialize without the distractions of technology, and reap all the many health benefits of these practices along the way,” offers Amanda Laine.

therapeutic treatments at the forefront

Therapy should be at the forefront of all our friendships. Cementing our social circles in something other than just a snap for posterity is a better goal than the who-what-where-when hustle. Real talk, is really needed right now.


We created Othership to bring people together through transformative experiences. Based on research showing what an impact connecting with others can have on our overall health. As a society, we’re starting to think much more about how much our state of mind impacts not only our physical health, but day-to-day life. Having both a physical and digital space is a powerful way to give our Othership community the ability to shift their mental state in different ways and at different times, as needed.”

Robert Bent, co-founder and CEO of Othership

Easing our way back into being social again won’t come easy for some. Access to a space like Othership offers a connected invitation to those friends you’ve lost touch with.

a moment to connect

Both drop-in visits, packages and membership options are available. Introductory pricing begins at $45 for a drop-in session, membership options start at $45 per month. Get more details: www.othership.us 

Othership has announced plans to expand. Stay tuned for more on these new properties.

Interior photos by Graydon Herriott.