February 9th is National Pizza Day and, who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world and Canada is no exception. Since the Pandemic started, more and more people are cooking at home, from sourdough bread to homemade pizza, Canadians are making their family’s favourites in their own kitchens.

Mutti Pizza Classica and Pizza Aromatic sauces, along with my favourite, straight-up chopped tomatoes, make homemade pizza so much easier. The company sent us pizza kits so that we could celebrate National Pizza Day and try their sauces.

You can follow along on Feb 9. Chef Carlo Casoni, ex-corporate chef for the Ferrari Racing Team, will host an Instagram Live event, directly from the Mutti headquarters in Italy. He will demonstrate how to make pizza, The Italian way.

mutti pizza

To cook along you will need:

00 Flour (or all purpose)

dry yeast or brewers yeast

fine salt

extra virgin olive oil



Mutti Pizza Classica (Mutti Classic Pizza Sauce)

Smoked provolone or provolone cheese



balsamic glaze

Follow Mutti on Instagram to join the cooking class on Feb 9 at 6pm EST