Twice a year in our part of the country we have Daylight Saving. We have to turn back the clocks an hour in the fall and jump forward an hour in the Spring. An. Hour. Some say it was to help the farmers gain an extra hour of daylight when they needed it during harvest season. Pretty sure they are up well before that anyway! Others say it was created as a means to save energy using less electricity in the morning. But really, an hour? And not everyone in the world does it. There’s a movement to get rid of it altogether. I’m all for it. But in the meantime, we begrudgingly have to deal with it. I’m reaching for that extra cup of coffee in the morning and anything to make me not look and feel so tired. Hello, This Works Morning Expert!

I was introduced to a new line of skincare during the Toronto International Film Festival (aka who needs sleep anyway season). This Works Morning Expert line caught my attention and I made a note to really give it a good dedicated try.  I was already a loyal fan of few of their products including the deep sleep pillow spray (you need to smell it! so good!) and the stress check breathe in roll-on for on-the-go and when I’m travelling.

If you’re not familiar with natural skincare brand, in a nutshell: This Works is a brand that works in synchronicity with the body clock to maximize skin performance 24 hours a day. Combining its knowledge of the body clock and skin health with modern lifestyle learnings This Works develops skincare and wellbeing essentials that support a busy life, starting with a good sleep. (Description can be found on their site)

So, about this new Morning Expert line…

About three weeks ago I dedicated myself to using the four products from the line with Vitamin C in its core — a proven ingredient that helps to even out skin tone, smooth texture, decrease fine lines and improve that glow. This is what I’ve been using:

morning expert Vitamin C power mask: I LOVE this particular mask as it goes on like a balm and has tiny granules that act as a gentle exfoliant when activated with a bit of water. Exfoliating is something I need to do on a regular basis as my skin ages as it helps not only smooth surface texture but also the skin regenerate itself and helps the skin take in more oxygen and moisture. It also helps remove impurities which means fewer breakouts and build up under the surface. This product can be left on for 10 minutes before washing off so your skin can take in the goodness of vitamin C.

morning expert multi-acid pads: this is like a cocktail for the skin full of nutrients that perks up the skin. The pads are infused with naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells. Azelaic Acid helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Great to keep pores from getting clogged.

morning expert hyaluronic serum: AH!!! Consider this the goddess serum as it really gives skin a boost and that subtle radiance that I’ve been searching for — and not that greasy look, if you know what I mean. My skin seems to drink this in. This product has 2% hyaluronic acid complex teamed up with Vitamin C to help hydrate and brighten.

morning expert open eyes: I must admit that I’m not in the habit of using eye creams (read: lazy) but I did put in an effort this time. When I first opened the package I noticed an applicator I had not seen before. The tip of the bottle has a metal applicator. Squeeze out a tiny bit of the eye cream and massage it in with the applicator for a very uplifting sensation in the morning. The coolness from the smooth metal helps with gradual wake up (better than coffee). The ingredients include natural extracts of Giant Kelp, Persian Silk Tree, and Cocoa Seed peptides that help limit the effects of blue light on the skin.

You can learn more about the line and where to find it here:  Sephora also carries it.

Since I am prone to melasma – a skin pigmentation concern, I  ALWAYS use sunscreen before I head out the door.

If you’re waking up and looking in the mirror feeling like your skin is blah this may skincare line worth exploring. We all know that lack of sleep sucks for our bodies. But what else can you to help you feel and look more awake?This Works gave us these tips on how to wake up well:

Get a good night’s sleep: proper sleep makes waking up easier.

Avoid waking up suddenly: avoid using a loud alarm which jolts you out of sleep, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Instead, wake-up well with an alarm sound which gradually takes you from deep sleep to wakefulness.

Dreamy wake up: start your day more relaxed by waking up during a dream. Train yourself to do this by adjusting your bedtime and wake up time to your REM cycles, which happens about every 60 minutes.

Rehydrate: drink a tall glass of water when you wake to combat overnight water loss (due to sweating, snoring, mouth breathing, and pre-sleep alcohol or dessert consumption). If you sleep less than 6 hours, you’re prone to dehydration.

Burn off cortisol: it’s good to burn off cortisol, which rises in the morning, to prevent being in ‘stress response’ mode going into your day. However, avoid losing sleep in order to exercise.

Go, girl, go!: Empty your bowel in the morning rids the body of waste, reduces bloating and helps improve mood (because the water in your gut can trigger anxiety and negativity due to nerve connections between the gut and the brain).

Delay breakfast: wait an hour or later after waking to have breakfast so your body is awake and ready to process food and nutrients. Don’t forget to drink water!