Fitbit has *just* launched the newest member of their dynamic activity tracker family. Meet Luxe, the jewellery inspired activity-wellness tracker that puts a new spin on counting your steps. Fitbit has been consistently and constantly revamping their product offerings (especially with the recently introduced Ace 3) but the Luxe is a drastic departure from what we come to expect from Fitbit. Hello bling!

Fitbit Luxe
Product render of Fitbit Luxe, front view, in Lunar White and Soft Gold.

With all the bells and whistles baked right in, the look may be lux but it’s also reliable. Building on what consumers have been seeking- a longer battery life, more meditation and wellness apps, stress management sensors and sleep guides, and Luxe delivers impressively. A generous five-day battery supply will keep you going from home to work and back again and again (or maybe more accurately just home again and again). Intuitive sensors track your every move, so if you forget to log your workout Luxe has you covered.

Fitbit Luxe
Product render of Fitbit Luxe, profile view, in Lunar White and Soft Gold.

And that goes double-duty for swimming, yes, this baby is waterproof and also records your laps. Cycles are tracked using their Menstruation Health Tracking feature which incorporates Fitbit’s powerful app to enable you to keep your monthly in order. If you’re a loyal Fitbit enthusiast then you’re already addicted to the data and history of you, and now the Luxe unleashes more intuitive ways to make sure you never miss a beat. Deepak Chopra has influenced more meditative learnings for the Luxe with breathing guides and in-depth mediation workshops built into the app.

Fitbit Luxe
Product render of Fitbit Luxe, dramatic view, in Earth Grey Croc leather double wrap and Platinum.

With more ways to express yourself and multiple ways to mix it up, the new Luxe goes the distance for design. Starting at $149.95 USD look for Luxe to launch in late May.

All images are product renderings courtesy Fitbit. Learn more about this new Luxe launch and stay up to date with our latest wellness moves #auburnlanesweats