The Zwilling Fresh and Save is a kitchen game changer. Zwilling may be known for its performance-based kitchen tools, gadgets, knives, serving dishes (and even beauty products) but the introduction of this new power tool puts the German Twins at the top of their game. With Earth Day on the horizon, we jumped at the chance to give the Fresh & Save Vaccum Storage System a trial run. The dual system is decked out with all the sturdy quality you’d expect from this well-known brand, complete with a handheld vacuum pump and an array of storage devices to get you started.


zwilling fresh and save

All the bags and containers feature nifty QR codes that power the ZWILLING Culinary World app, a tool that lets you track your food to stay on top of your grocery game, eating safely and efficiently. Notifications ensure you’re limiting food waste with handy reminders for when food is about to spoil. This system keeps food fresher for five days longer than typical Tupperware containers.

Sucking the air out is a cinch, it takes only a few seconds to clear the vessel and you can even pop the glass containers directly into the oven. The bags are meant for not only food storage but sous-vide cooking too. Our kit came complete with the following:

1 medium glass container ■ 1 large glass container ■ 2 small bags 2 medium bags ■ 1 vacuum pump

zwilling fresh and save

Compared to old-school clunky food savers that take up valuable cupboard and counter space, this svelte food system is perfect for those in tight spaces. Dishwasher-safe containers and bags make cleanup a snap and keep pounds of plastic out of landfills. For weekly meal-preppers, vac-seal bags are a genius addition to the get-ready routine, saving some serious space in your fridge or freezer.


Imagine small vac-seal bags of smoothie-ready frozen fruits or pre-chopped and diced mirepoix at your fingertips for your next soup. Conquering the prep side of cooking is how any good cook rises to the daily challenge of eating a well-balanced diet. Wine lovers take note, there’s also an attachment to keep your wine fresh via this vacuum pump system.

zwilling fresh and save

Learn more about the Zwilling Fresh & Save and let us know what leftovers you’ll be saving in the comments below!

All photos by Libby Roach.