Nintendo provided me with hours-long no-friend-o fun for me as a kid. NES cartridges stacked up ready for marathon gaming sessions are what my fondest childhood memories are built on. Because Mario and his band of bros were keeping me company a new world was only another cartridge away. From the rolling hills of Hyrule to the epic landscapes of side-scrolling Mega Man, I had the chance to explore and imagine a world different from my own four walls. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been in some form of a bubble on and off for the last few years. With camp closures and vacations getting cancelled, I’m taking solace once again in my favourite escapes. And with new titles for Nintendo Switch rolling out all summer long, it’s hard to pick and choose which epic adventure to go on first.

Now, gamer girls (and guys) of all ages can check out the Nintendo Switch Summer Experience for free.


With stops in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, visitors will be greeted by familiar faces and energized installations to try new games. Hot new titles include Mario Strikers™: Battle LeagueNintendo Switch™ SportsKirby™ and the Forgotten Land, and the Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe- Booster Course Pass DLC* for the Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe game!


Adding to the fun is the ability to play with friends and family online. Daring new levels have rolled out in Mario Kart 8 with the addition of the DLC. Content will release in 6 waves of 8 courses until the end of 2023. Current new favourites include the Parisian-themed city race and Coconut Mall laps.

If sports are your passion then be sure to check out the Mario Strikers™: Battle League. Built for speed and fun, this soccer game ups the aggressiveness with full-on weapons and finishing moves. Following the fun of Nintendo Switch™ Sports soccer, this energetic title is perfect for both soccer fans and those who love to dish it out. It’s fast-paced fun for everyone!

Be sure to mark your calendars – get all the dates and details here: