Throughout all aspects of our lives we are continuously faced with difficult challenges. Aviva Reimer, one of Canada’s leading experts on lifestyle transformation, relationship building, and matchmaking, announced the release of her first book “Becoming The Total Package” on July 13. The book focuses on helping individuals improve every part of their lives for the better by optimizing various aspects of one’s self and their environment.

Aviva understands the many obstacles we face throughout our lifetime and wanted to create an inspirational guide to help people live their absolute best life. The book will guide and transform individuals into a strong, more confident version of themselves. Within the book, Aviva reflects on her intimate and life-changing experiences achieved through her philosophy. Centering around personal transformation, personal development, highly regarded and renowned matchmaking techniques, the book “Becoming The Total Package” will be the key to bouncing back from negative challenges and heartbreaks.

We had a chance to ask Aviva more ahead of her book launch.

“Living my best life” — okay, we can’t help but feel a bit insecure about ourselves when we hear others say this and wondering what’s wrong with my life? What advice do you have?

AR: I understand how sometimes we tend to focus on how everybody else’s is living the best life and how we can potentially be stuck where we are, however, it’s not always what it seems in perception. People will put on an excellent show, and on the inside, they’re really suffering and feeling the same way you may be feeling. Decide to be kind to yourself and build your protective armor. It’s not always necessarily the magnitude of the problem that arises, but how you deal with the problem or specific situations that matter. Build a strategy and a confident armor so that you know you got this no matter what happens or what anyone else is doing.

We love that saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”? Do you believe that?

AR: Yes, 100 %! We all carry a specific type of energy that defines how things or people will show up in our lives. People tend to gravitate towards positive, outgoing people because it has a positive impact on them. Whomever you are and how you think is what you will attract …And this is why we say like attracts like. If you have negative energy, you may attract adverse outcomes or negative people, if you have positive energy, you will attract positive people and positive results.

But what if we’re attracting critical/negative people? What needs to change?

AR: The first thing you must do is decide if this is something you want to continue in your life or not… And start taking action. We all have patterns that continue to haunt us over and over in our lives. I call this limiting beliefs … And it comes from a very young age growing up and the things we experienced. Take a look at your deep-rooted believes, context, or a script that we have lived with most of our lives deep down in our subconscious mind. It often shows up without us realizing how it affects us. This is why it is good to evaluate why you think the way you think. The landmark forum would be an excellent place to start.

We often hear about shedding “toxic” people in our lives. But sometimes we can’t totally get rid of them, any advice on how to deal?

AR: Yes… the best thing to do is compartmentalize those friends and choose to control what you will allow entering your mental or physical space. Choose to limit your time with them, so they can’t have that negative impact on you. In my book, I call this decluttering your friendships.

What does being a “total package” mean to you?

AR: To me, The total package means doing the work and taking care of your self on the inside as much as the outside. Taking responsibility for your actions and choices. Having the courage and ability to live in integrity and do your best in the decisions we make. To be kind and open-minded with people and build a resilient EQ (emotional IQ) and to always maintain a positive mind and thought. Being the total package can mean something different to each person. Everyone wants The Total Package.

Are we too demanding on ourselves?

AR: Yes, we most certainly are! And again this comes from our conditioning and the script that we decided to live by versus what the truth actually is.
We are not perfect, and we all need support, reassurance, and guidance, no matter how intelligent we may be.

As women, we often hear that our expectations are too high — should we lower our expectations?

AR: Yes and no! and this applies to both woman and men! When it comes to relationships, one can say, do not settle as we all deserve ultimate happiness and everything we want, and I agree. However, we do tend to create a fantasy in our head of something unrealistic especially in the dating world or relationship world; therefore we really miss out on something incredible right in front of us most of the time. The right attitude and an open mind will always get the prize.

If there is one thing to do today to make us feel good about ourselves?

AR: I will start by giving you three…

1. Make a decision and see it through.
2. Exercise
3. Smile and Be kind to people, it feels incredible!

Thank you so much Aviva!!! We are looking forward to your book launch!

You can pre-order the book here.

BOOK LAUNCH EVENT: Join Aviva for her action-packed book launch with vendors, prizes and drinks on Saturday, July 13 between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST at The Wine Academy, located at 67 Richmond St West, Toronto