There are gifts and then there are gifts that are full of meaning and energy. If you’ve ever just stumbled across something that resonates with you and takes your breathe away, you understand. We’ve come across some beautiful ideas that may speak to you as well…maybe it’s something for a friend or family member….or even for yourself.

førs studio is a new Canadian brand founded by close friends who met in Toronto. Out of their passion for and expertise in the fields of design, hospitality, culture, and travel, Argentina native Vanessa Eckstein and Parisian Muriel Solomon created the line of lifestyle goods. They share an ethos around community, humanity and the moments that carry true meaning. Everything is designed in Canada. Muriel and Vanessa work with carefully selected suppliers who share their utmost commitment to people and their lived environments, actively pursuing sustainable practices and responsible sourcing. Each piece reflects the designers’ mantra to live fully and walk lightly. We fell in love with their slanted serving bowls – sold individually but also designed as a nesting set of three.

Mai Lin Jewelry makes dainty silk bracelets with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. The reminder bracelet – Mai Lin Jewelry’s signature bracelet was modeled after the ‘string around your finger’ something that you tie on to remind you of something important. The reminder bracelet ties on the wrist with a double knot and stays fastened for every adventure that life has to offer. Made with 100% silk, the reminder bracelet is strong, durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. Each piece is inspired, designed, and handmade in Toronto, Canada. This is a favourite to give and to receive and each year, designer Marilissa Flint introduces a few new pieces to her much sought after collection. Perfectly packaged and easy to send in the mail. A wide variety of stones, semi-precious gems and metals.

Family Botanic is a new Canadian startup that offers a whole new way to showcase a family tree, with vintage 18th and 19th Century Botanical Art. This is a one of a kind gift that is customized to your family fashioned out of authentic botanical art – pre-eminent historical prints of both plant life and wildlife from around the world. Fro wildflowers to butterflies, even whales and tropical fish. Families choose from over 25 artful designs. Simply fill out a form with family members’ names and a framed print can be shipped directly to them. Designs can accommodate small families (two or three generations about 12 people) or larger families that span multiple generations with 30+ members.

Hoame Meditation: is a place that we’ve visited many times since it opened downtown Toronto. It’s a favourite place to bring back focus and peace into our everyday lives. The shop is filled with items for our bodies and our homes. This Ritual Box (Winter Solstice edition) is carefully curated to support your wellness practices and rituals. Each box includes a Visualization practice by Hoame Meditation’s Coach Carey, a palo santo stick, a themed sage bundle, a tumbled stone, a unique large crystal, and 2-3 special Hoame items.

Sapling + Flint: Their signature series “KARHÁ:KON -In the Woods” is an insightful reflection on the beauty of the Carolinian eastern woodlands home of the Haudenosaunee people. These forests extend across southern Ontario & Quebec, and down to the Carolinas. The KARHÁ:KON collection celebrates our forest home. 70% of Canada’s endangered and at-risk species call the Carolinian forest home. With the small remnants of pristine woodlands including Six Nations of the Grand River, Walpole Island First Nation, and Algonquin Provincial Park; it is largely Indigenous communities that are safeguarding the future of much of Canada’s sensitive biodiversity. Each piece in this collection is a reminder that it takes us all working together to keep Turtle Island beautiful. These Maple Leaf sterling silver earrings pay homage to the resilience of the Sugar Maple. You’ll want to read their story here.

Wisdom From A Humble Jellyfish: And Other Self-Care Rituals by Rani Shah

We need look no farther than nature – from the habits of the porcupine to the sunflower to the wombat to the dragonfly- for small and simple things we can do to slow down, recharge, and living more thoughtfully, lovingly, and harmoniously. Wisdom From a Humble Jellyfish is at once charming and scientific, packed with essential wisdom and practical tips worth borrowing from our plant and animal friends for life-changing self-care. Available at the shop.

The Botanical Artist: This Toronto-based nature photographer always finds the beauty along any path taken. What begins with a few fallen flower petals, leaves and twigs soon takes shape in a collective vision. Colleen sees the potential in individual elements and shows the power of togetherness in her work. She’s turned her photos into perfect gifts in prints and in cards. Made in small batches. Find her on Instagram. 

Wonderkind: Thank you, Front Line 2020: If you have someone in your life who is a front line worker, this carefully curated gift collection is a thoughtful one to help express your gratitude. Package include comforting, handcrafted products and Wonderkind will also deliver right to their doorstep.  When you send a care package you are also supporting small businesses, communities across Canada and their registered charitable partners. The company also offers beautiful gift boxes (and based on personal likes) for others in your life. 

PreneLOVE Star Tote: this female owned and Canadian brand is inspired by design, driven by quality & empowered by share-ability!  Their goal is to create fashion accessories that empower people to express their own personalities. They ultimately believe it’s the small details that set them apart from everyone else.  PreneLOVE gives back to the Because I Am A Girl Project through Plan International Canada. This tote was spotted at

Bitsy Bee Design Co.: This Flower Line Drawing (print) is a beautiful addition to any work at home office. It’s subtle in nature yet brings focus with it’s minimal lines. Printed on high quality matte paper. Artist located in Edmonton, AB. Find this stunning print and others on her Etsy shop.

Madison Living: This Toronto based micro company has been making their own soothing self-care products for themselves, friends and family. With more time spent at home they found more and more people, especially busy parents, were seeking out home and bath products that were 100% natural and of high quality. The collection is made in small-batches and sell out quickly.  Also, 10% of the proceeds go to the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation.