When I started exploring skincare there were certain brands that people would talk about with bated breath – SkinCeuticals was one of them. Years later that hasn’t changed, SkinCeuticals continues to be a favourite skincare brand. Their latest launch is the Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight, a nightly treatment that targets dull and uneven skin.

Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight contains an optimized level of glycolic acid at 4% that is tolerable for nightly use, blended with phytic acid and a soothing complex to improve texture, radiance and overall glow. This combination hydrates your skin while improving the appearance of skin texture and tone bringing out your healthy skin. I like this product because it targets those fine lines and gives my skin a glow.

It’s a night time treatment that is used after cleansing, toning and your serum. There is no need to exfoliate when using this product. For the first week of use remember once every other day or even twice a week. After one week you can increase use to every evening or as advised by your aesthetician. When using the Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight you need to avoid your eye area and always use sunscreen. You need to use sunscreen because of the active ingredients in the product. Sun exposure will irritate and “burn” your skin. Using this product during winter months is ideal

I noticed my skin felt softer after one week. I used the product twice a week for the first week then every other day and now am starting to use it every day. I love how soft my skin feels when I wake up in the morning like it’s rejuvenated. It was easy to add to my skincare regime and is the perfect product for the weather especially those winter months.