I grew up in the 80s. Hair in the 80s was big, over processed, over done and hair sprayed. I remember we were all taking fashion and hair cues from the hair bands like White Snake, Poison and Motley Cru. It was a crazy time and I have to say I am very happy it is over.

Sassoon presents the new Spring and Summer 2018 Collection FORM, a series of hairstyles reflecting how traditional French workwear labels have become a source of inspiration for many modern brands, even for hair. In an age where collective action is taking the cult of personality, celebrity-led fashion looks stale. The time is right for clothes that represent authenticity and consistency; clothing that’s not trend-related and is timeless. Overalls, dungarees, aprons and palazzo pants hold a modern beauty when fashioned out of fresh white linen and French navy cotton drill.

“There is beauty in functionality; it’s the route to hair that works in a digital age. Over complicated hairstyles are a relic of the past,” says Mark Hayes, Sassoon International Creative Director. Thank goodness! I think we’ve seen how healthy and well cut hair is the statement for hair.

Sassoon plays with natural hair by enhancing the beauty of original texture, functionality and colour in the hair,” says Lorraine McAndrew, Toronto Senior Creative Director. “This season, Sassoon is manipulating the form of hair by utilizing classic techniques from the inside out, literally, changing the look of hair by looking from within.” I constantly get asked about my hair – where I get it cut and the colour. When fellow stylists hear it’s done at Sassoon they all have training stories about the salon. I’ve been fortunate to have had my hair done by Lorraine and her passion for hair is evident.

Natural and effortless results are achieved through honed techniques that appear invisible yet are intrinsic to the integrity of the looks. The Sassoon house codes of pure geometry have been used to create strong interior shapes that sit within the centre of the cut. A softer layered shape is then cut around the original interior shape giving texture and versatility to the exterior. The interior shape creates a framework for the exterior allowing the manipulation of its form from chic and controlled sophistication through to a celebration of the beauty of natural texture.

“This season we anticipate a demand for craftsmanship and precision rather than freehand techniques that will demand a focus on classic highlighting and foil-work,” adds John Beeson, Toronto Colour Director. “The interior shape of the hairstyles in the collection is locked with all-over colour, while the exterior shape is softened with overlocked graduated tones.” Overlocking colouring technique was used to accentuate the detail in the different lengths of each haircut and enhance the effect of the shapes. When John colours your hair the experience shows in how he selects shades for his clients.

This season’s Fabric Colour Palette is inspired by the classic colours of workwear and its associated uniforms. Cool serge brown is applied to the interior shape with soft copper to the exterior. Chocolate brown is paired with damson red and claret; sandy blonde with dusty lilac and soft gold.

What I find alluring and why I go to Sassoon is how they are constantly taking hair – cutting and colouring – and making it reflective of their clients. My hair is a continuation of my style and expression.