I am not an overly sentimental person but becoming a mother has a way of changing things. Maybe it’s all the hormones. I wanted to make a big deal of my first Mother’s Day – I wanted a fancy dinner, a present, card, flowers, fire works and whatever else goes with this hallmark holiday. Unfortunately, my plans were derailed quickly. How does the saying go “man makes plans and God laughs”?

I’ll set the stage – I just had my first child (a girl) and found myself pregnant with my second child when she was six months old. We had suddenly outgrown our condo and bought a house. We now had to sell our condo. This entire series of events culminated in my  Mother’s Day being taken over by condo staging. My husband and I spent my first Mother’s Day getting our condo staged to sell. That meant cleaning every nook and cranny of our home and moving all the excess stuff in storage. Most of that stuff was baby stuff.

When we were done getting our condo sale ready we were a hot mess and there was really no time to do anything special. We decided to pick the closest fast food restaurant to us and that happened to be Burger King. I spent my first Mother’s Day at Burger King. I am not going to lie – I was disappointed. It’s not how I imagined this day would go but being a parent isn’t about you. It’s about raising good children and sacrifice. Plus I had created a very funny tradition that was all mine and a reminder of how life has a way of turning all your best laid plans.

So every Mother’s Day I have Burger King. I won’t give up this tradition and I chronicle the event on my Instagram account. My followers do wonder if this is the year I’ll break tradition and are relieved when they see the photo.

Happy Mother’s Day!