Feeling inspired with the turn in the weather, spring cleaning evolves into spring decorating, and while a full and complete face lift of my kitchen is still in the planning phase, an adjustment of living spaces is in order, and only requires a good eye and not a clean out of my savings account! In my latest bingeing of reality TV, I quickly fell into the rabbit hole that is Home to Win, with a who’s who cast of design and renovation professionals, including Sarah Richardson, Tiffany Pratt, Mike Holmes, The Property Bros and a gaggle of other experts, all cast for their enviable attention to detail and let’s face it, a little on-screen chemistry doesn’t hurt either.

Home To Win is back, now in season three, with a new property to dismantle and re-imagine, and while my house could use a dose of dismantling, I will happily settle for a few tips from the pros! Even just moving a few things around can reinvigorate your space. Here’s a few ideas from HGTV’s cast of Home to Win!

Just Add Botanicals
Keeping a garden of indoor plants yearlong is no small feat, but flowering orchids are well worth the diligence. Adding flowers to any room, whether they’re cut from the florist, or grown for years in your window sill, means that you can inject a pop of colour and a dose of style in one shot.

Pop Art
While a custom art piece always strikes a chord, even a print in a hot colour can transform a space. In (Tiffany Pratt) approved pink, the print brings the palate together, and works perfectly on a subtle gray, like Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray.

Textured Approach
If your couch has seen better days, or needs a new shade, there’s a slipcover for that, but if you’re just wanting to de-drab from winter, consider stowing the fleece snuggy for next season and bringing out a new blanket, one with a contrasting texture to pop. Tassels are always a fun addition too.

Hit The Right Note
Set the mood with music, adding a little Bluetooth speaker to the room means no one gets left out on the dance party. These little speakers are easy, portable and charge super quick, so grab a few and tuck them away for your fave Spotify playlist. You know the saying about music…it soothes the savage beast, so don’t be surprised if your fave fuzzy friend makes himself at home too.

Looking for more design inspo? Catch up on Home to Win on HGTV’s website, and catch new episodes every Sunday at 10pm EST.