Health is the biggest topic in the news cycles today, and while facts are often cast aside for fear based marketing and manipulating consumers, there’s acceptable moments to sit this play out, stay at home and avoid small enclosed spaces that COVID-19 and other flu and illnesses spread easily through. Or maybe you’re looking to save a buck or two and are opting out of memberships. Whatever the case, with today’s tech bounty, there’s no place like home…

Here’s my favourite ways to work up a sweat, no gym required.

Nike Training Club

This comprehensive training app brings the heat with step-by-step videos that break each move down to the fundamentals, allowing you to access training no matter your level of fitness. Select workouts based on targeted areas (hello glutes!) or by time preference. Achievements and acknowledgements only amp up the competition, so you can challenge friends from afar (or near). Add in the new Nike Resistance Training Loop and feel the burn- this band stays in place to add dynamic resistance to those lunges and squats.

POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube

POPSUGAR Fitness has a full catalog of dancy fun workout videos, guided by their team of trainers who are energetic and enthusiastic, two important attributes when you’re looking for some motivation. While most workouts can be done with just your body, adding in a few basic props will make the most of any workout. We love the Kickboxing and Hip Hop dance workouts, and if you’re a Zumba fan, they have you covered!

Fitbit Coach

Baked right into your fitbit (model shown here is the Versa2) are a few easy quick workouts to sneak in with no excuses. Moves like jumping jacks and wall sits and be executed on anywhere, allowing you to bust a move on the fly. Videos enhance the experience, and surprisingly the resolution on the small screen is pretty impressive. Stats are tracked and recorded with the fitbit app so you can keep one step ahead of those friends you’re challenging in that step race. Or fitbit’s Get Fit Bingo, which is somehow strangely addictive. Don’t have one? Our friends at Staples Canada offer online ordering and can ship one right to your front door!

Self-Guided Stretching

Grab a pair of balls and show them who’s boss! If you’ve lost your balls long ago, or maybe never owned a pair, you at least definitely have a floor to stretch out on. Get in touch with your mind-body connection and flow through a workout defined by your own goals. Maybe it’s a meditative yoga session, or perhaps Pilates is more your pace, either way, you’ll find some peace and possibly a reset by dedicating some of your day to stretching. YouTube has a ton of wellness based videos to help get you started, I’m a big fan of Yoga with Adriene myself.

Go for a Run– Pic c/o Jess Baumung for Nike Run Club

No one is saying you have to stay inside, and like your mom always said, some fresh air will do you good! Set out on a new course, or slide onto a track (schools are closed anyway) and set out to destroy your records and go for the personal best. Or hike through one of Toronto’s amazing ravines for some cross country kilometers.

Oculus Quest x Thrill of the Fight

Virtual Reality is so much more than just swimming with sharks or flying off buildings. The new title Thrill of the Fight will remind old school gamers of the much maligned Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, but the immersive game play with added bhaptics tactsuit with sleeves mean you’ll FEEL every punch. VR games have come a long way, and you’ll burn a ton of calories getting lost in the gameplay before you realize your arms are dead and the kids haven’t eaten lunch, or breakfast.