Bucking conventions and setting trends, Bangarang Bar is College Street’s newest hangout. Part bar, part lounge and part 70’s rec room, Bangarang aims to please, with stiff cocktails, party music and games that will challenge your digital based brain. Little sister to nearby Track & Field, Bangarang borrows it’s name from the battle cry heard in The Lost Boys movie, an 80’s classic and the jumping point for the overall theme for this bar.
Open from 5pm-2am daily, Bangarang brings the best of everything together into one nifty little joint. Games are the main feature, think analog gross-motor skill skeet-ball type games, but the classy looking bar anchors the space, with an on-trend back-lit menu announcing their boozy bevvies. Broken down into a classics menu, but revived for modern tastes, like the House Old Fashioned, with subtle coco-nutty vibes, maple syrup, and scotch in place of bourbon ($14), drinks are spirit forward, just how we like them. The Mezcal Margarita is sexy and sultry, garnished with a jeweled orange segment and a salty rim ($14). Cocktails are also on tap- yeah! so if your’e hankering for a night of Negronis, you know where to go. Using Cornelius Kegs to keep the drinks flowing, bartender extraordinaire (but mediocre cornhole player) Jacob makes big batches of Negronis, yes, but also Porch Crawler, Paloma and The Old Kayne (a keepsake from T&F), all for $10 a pop.

Beers are on the cheap side too, tall boys of local craft beers are swinging in at a mere $7, or grab a pint for $8. House wines are polite and concise, with easy drinkers Campo Viejo Tempranillo for $8 or Jacob’s Creek Char for $8. Oh, and Cava too for you yuppie types, at a slender $10 a flute*.

Now I know what you’re thinking- Libby’s gotten this far into this article and hasn’t mentioned food once. That’s because Bangarang has no kitchen. I mean, sure, it’s in the back somewhere, but it’s not for food prep. Bangarang bucked conventions and offers only packets of crisps, like the Brits, or pepperettes. Yes! Placating to LLBO laws that require food service if alcohol is being sold, check! But hey, don’t get all worked up if chips + meat sticks aren’t your thing. Wanna bring in a bucket of fried chicken? Sure. What about a whole suckling pig? I guess it’s cool too. Mostly, order UberEats or a pizza, it’s really all good.

*not really sure if they have flutes but you can ask.

Thanks for inviting us in Bangarang!