The Superbowl, or as its come to be known, the Brady Show, is here, this Sunday, February 3rd. While I celebrate knowing absolutely nothing about the sport, it is a raucous evening out with friends, food, drinks and maybe even a little gambling. Options are endless for your viewing pleasure, with a wide array of tantalizing options to soak up all the sporty, sweaty, man-on-man contact. Their pants are tight, and that’s OK!

Cactus Club Cafe
Channel your inner Beyonce, this one is for my single ladies. Triple C (Cactus Club Cafe) is also a triple threat- food (nom nom, yes!), drinks, check! But also, its a pretty good spot to perch and people watch. Cause sometimes the people around you are more interesting than the guys running around on the field. Just sayin‘. Cactus Club Cafe has all the TV’s and gizmos to keep the game going, but I’ll be chasing after my CCC faves; Mini Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Tuna Stack & Truffle Fries. Drink specials keep the party going, so plan on a DD or the TTC to get you home.

The game doesn’t officially start ’til the evening, but don’t let that stop you from starting the party off early, let’s just call it what it is: day drinking. Batch is doubling down on both of those afternoon activities with a Beer Pong Tournament kicking off at 2pm, and drink specials for $18 pitchers, $5 pints, $5 caesars and $5 shots of whiskey from first whistle to when the Pat’s raise the cup again. Is it a cup? Wait, I’m thinking of hockey (again)….Grab tickets for this fun-fan-zone here.

Real Sports

The bro scene is poured on thick here, the words meat and market come to mind, but if you’re into the game and sportier side of yelling at TV’s, this is your clubhouse. Sports fans come for the game, smeared across some of Toronto’s largest screens, with stock market style ticker tape running the room in case you’re curious about any games stupid enough to go against the same time slot as the football game. Bountiful beers, cocktails and wines level the playing field for everyone- this place is great for groups. Food menu is big and bold too, and all seafood safely falls into the Ocean Wise program, an important ethos to Culinary Director Chris Zielinski who oversees the ACC and adjacent properties menus.

Northern Maverick
Fact. Vegans like football too. Yah, they know the ball is made of pig, but they are all in for the sport, pigs be damned. Level the playing field and scope out Northern Maverick’s mighty fine vegan options. Sure, they have boat loads of beer and a bounty of TV’s, but this King and Bathurst brewery goes the distance to cater to all crowds, with vegan options that go beyond your typical bean burger. The soaring two floor space mean touchdowns will be amplified throughout the space, adding to the stadium effect that we all seek out on Superbowl.

Smoked Vegan Veg Board

Everyone loves to hate the Pats, except Boston Strong burger barons from Wahlburgers. Considering the Pat’s (they’re playing, I looked it up) are playing in the Superbowl (again) you can bet Mark Wahlberg is feeling some good vibrations at the prospect of his team winning, again. Celebrate Mark’s team, and his potential vibrations, at the unofficial “Pats Central” in Toronto. Wahlburgers will be cooking up their very own Patriots-themed Gronk burger, and there’s no cover to get in. A live DJ is playing fun tunes and there’s giveaways and swag to giveaway!


Mill Street Brewery
While not technically a Sports Bar, this brewery boasts a bunch of locations across the country(!) and enough beer to console even the Rammiest Ram fan. With ample seating and TV’s scattered throughout, Mill Street won’t have the gallivanting guys that other sports bars will be soaking in, but it will offer respite in the form of good food and great beer. You had me at hello.

Lead Photo from Mill Street Brewery.