I am a bit afraid to write this post. The last few months I have started on an at home fitness journey. Four to five times a week I find my favourite Instagram workout, grab my gear, and workout in my living room. It’s been a daunting task to stay motivated and keep moving with major foot pain. I am also afraid that I will fall into the same habit of quitting the workouts and going back to my old ways. Putting it out there will hopefully keep me motivated.

One thing I have read about motivation and working out is looking cute while you work out. I obviously decided to follow that advice and wanted to feature a brand that melds fashion and fitness – New Balance came to mind. I love this brand because their sneakers transition from the gym to the runway of life has been exceptional. Love pairing with jeans, tee, and a blazer for a polished work. They also offer a full range of clothing options.

I’m going to show you how I’ve styled their jackets, tank and shoes for my workout and active life and how I wear their shoes dressed for the runway of life – which right now is my home or that trip to the grocery store.

New Balance makes the cutest quilted jackets and sweatshirts. The jackets feature keyhole cuffs, NB technology that keeps you warm and dry, and hand pockets to hold your stuff. I also like the stripe detail down the arms.

The jacket comes in four colours – black, white, green and pink

If you don’t want the jacket they also have a funnel top in the same great quilted pattern found here.

I get hot when I work out and prefer tank tops. This pink tank is perfect for at home workouts. Unfortunately it’s not available online any more but there is a similar one here.

I’ve taken the shoes and styled them for my everyday. I love how easy it is to wear them with several polished casual looks.

327 has a bold look that even got second looks from my kids.
Made in US 990v5 is a high performance shoe that you can take on your favourite run or your favourite brunch date.