There are many of us who struggle to get a good night sleep – tossing and turning night after night – now add the anxiety of a pandemic and those numbers increase. I am usually a good sleeper but even I have had my sleep routine disrupted with fear of the unknown.

This is where Re.Vityl comes in.

RE.VITYL™ is a play on words emphasizing the feeling of the verb to revitalize, or the action of infusing something with new life and vitality. The pre-fix RE. on all of their products echo’s, elevates and enhances that action and intention. 

Their mission is to bring you wellness products that will transform the way we rest, sleep, and travel (soon, fingers crossed) so we can live our most vibrant life. Founded by friends Rashia Bell and Iva Bravic Millereau this wellness startup is an example of the magic that happens when women empower each other. Their product mix – RE.LEASE sleep masks, essential oils, and pillow pads – is designed to help you get quality sleep which is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

Rashia and Iva recommend that we create a nightly routine, to help set ourselves up for success.  They have a routine they both follow – a couple hours before bed, the ladies of Re.Vityl like to start with diffusing their RE.LEASE essential oil scent therapy blend (here), because its active botanicals of lavender and clary sage which signals to the mind that it is time to transition to rest. They place the RE.LEASE sleep mask on the forehead as they are preparing for bed or reading, to activate the elemental energy within. The gentle silk mask , when placed over the eyes blocks out any light distractions, and works to eliminate fatigue and enhance relaxation, helping to wake-up calm and refreshed.

RE.LEASE sleep kit (here)

Every wellness product sold contains therapeutic health benefits, and is sourced from quality focused, nature-minded, and mindful suppliers spanning the globe. Their partnerships in particular with Bioeterica and Biocrystal®, are examples of their commitment to working with small female-founded businesses that produce excellent products.

Re.Vityl is offering our readers 25% discount code and a flat shipping rate to Canada. Use the code AUBURNLANE while doing your shopping.

RE.LAX silk sleep pad (here)