Every few years I purge my bra drawer. It’s not because my bras have fallen out of fashion or because I don’t need them any more, it’s because I’ve worn them out. Bras are the foundation pieces to every wardrobe and once they become worn out they are no longer holding anything up or keep anything in place and it’s time to buy new ones.

While I purchase many things online I will NEVER go online and purchase a bra without getting properly fitted.


A proper bra fitting is wardrobe changing and life altering. I had been wearing the wrong size bra until my mid 30s. Once I was properly fitted I never went back. Wearing the wrong bra can make shopping unbearable because nothing fits…properly. As a stylist I have been witness to the power of a good bra. Once my clients have been properly fitted I have been able to fit them into that top that was previously a size too small.

This year I had been invited to Linea Intima (here) to experience their bra fitting services. With five locations (four in the GTA) it’s easy to get to a location near you. I went to the newest location at Bayview Villages and found some of my favourite brands – Simone Perele, Anita, Empriente and Chantelle. Besides bras you can find sleepwear and the perfect swimsuit for a memorable vacation.

If you’ve never had a proper bra fitting and are building your bra wardrobe I would recommend you set aside at least one hour for this experience. Linea Intima offers a safe space for women with decades of industry knowledge and passion. Lilli fitted me and she was kind and courteous. She helped me adjust my bra and offered honest advice and opinions. I would recommend allowing your sales associate to see you in your bra and assess your fitting this way. I tried on at least 20 bras with 6 styles from 3 different brands being my new favourites. Linea Intima gifted me 2 bra and panty sets and I purchased 4 more bras.

A FREE service which Linea Intima provides that not many people know about is alterations on your existing bras to make them your favourite bra again. Bring in all your old bras for a one-on-one appointment with one of their professional bra fitters and they will work with you and your needs and do what we can to help make your bras ‘like new’ again, or certainly to add more wear to them. If the straps are too long they can shorten them. If the band is stretched out they can take it in or add darts.

I know that many of us women put ourselves last during the holiday season. This Christmas I would recommend you treat yourself to a new bra – one that fits properly and does the work of making you look great and feel amazing.

This is a two part blog post. Stay tuned for my picks for your bra wardrobe. I’ll get you Holiday ready.