If there’s a uniform quintessential gift to close out 2020, it’s booze. Let’s face-it if we’re not drowning our sorrows we’re celebrating this year finally being over. As a former bartender I can attest to the following:

Always water with that wine (or other alcoholic beverage). Eat. Make sure you have some crackers, carbs and protein handy! And Hydralyte in the AM in case you over-did-it!

And never, ever drink and drive. In fact, I suggest not even leaving your house.

And with that, here are some notable inclusions for this year’s 2020 Liquid Gift Guide.

Kim Crawford

kim crawford

Fact: Kim Crawford isn’t a woman. Now that the shock has worn off, we’re still enamoured with Kim’s Australian label, including this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Partner this pretty package with your poultry dinner or give as a lovely and pre-wrapped present. Kim never fails to dress to impress. $19.95 at LCBO.

Cali Red from Snoop

19 crimes red wine snoop dog

This marks the Australian winery’s first-ever Californian so it is so fitting that the blend brings the Snoop D-O-double-G (or Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. to his mom) to their label. 19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red pairs perfectly with a holiday Prime Rib or other big beefy ventures, a notable upgrade on Snoops’s affinity for gin + juice combo. $19.95 at LCBO.

Drinks by the Dram


That Boutique-y Whisky Company launched their delightful seasonal effort with daily doors of drams, mini whisky and bourbon bottles for an advent season like no other. Colourful and quirky drawings amp up the festive spirit. $199.95 at LCBO.

Spirit of York Vodka + Walter Caesar Mix

Box up a set of Canada’s finest. A bundle of good-tidings is fit for any tree, and a show of support to one of Toronto’s top distilleries who gallantly converted to hand-sanitizer manufacturing at the peak of the first lockdown. Jazz up the offerings with some spicy Caesar Rim + a bottle of Walter Caesar Mix for a jolly good gift. Spirit of York is $44.95 at the LCBO, Walter Caesar Mix is available at your local gourmet grocer.



Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum is 12-year-old dark rum from Venezuela. Meant for fireside sipping this beautiful bold rum is a love-letter to swim up bars of days gone by. Consider a gift basket paired with tropical treats for anyone who’s missing beach life this winter. For $59.40 at the LCBO.

canadian club

Canadian Club has just released their 43 Year whisky, dubbed Chronicles Issue No. 3. We had a sample snifter of this legendary whisky, which boasts nuances of vanilla and smoky leather notes. For $319.95 at LCBO.

Small Batch Dispatch

Pic by Heather Lang

Save this one for the gift that keeps giving! We adore the shop and service from Small Batch Dispatch, from order to delivery, the surprises keep coming, with thoughtful and unique lagers and pilsners from Ontario’s top craft producers. Subscriptions run from a month to a whole calendar year. Prices vary.

Collective Arts

collective arts beer

Our absolute fave Hamilton brewery does delivery to Toronto, we snagged their lineup of amazing fruity sour beers, with seasonal offerings like Raspberry Dry Hopped Sour and regular favourites like the Jam up the Mash. Cans are festooned with festive indie art, like the gift is already wrapped up. From $12.95 for a four-pack.

Mionetto Prosecco


If there’s two things that are all but mandatory on Christmas morning it’s presents under the tree, and popping bottles with brunch. Effervescent bubbles finish with a creamy note, so save the OJ for Santa and leave this perfect prosecco to shine all on its own. $16.95 at LCBO.

Romeo’s Gin recently introduced a collaboration with artist edition bottles including Toronto’s own Birdo who, just this past summer, painted the city’s largest mural in a parking lot. Located in Yorkville, the mural can be spotted from above. Now the gin company has also worked the image onto a limited edition bottle just in time for the holidays – a few options availalble. $39.95 at LCBO.

Bailey’s Red Velvet Cupcake

This limited-edition flavour takes its place front and centre for the holidays. It’s a dreamy taste of sweet cake blended with our favourite Irish Cream.  It’s versatile – add some to your hot chocolate or enjoy smoothness on it’s on – who needs dessert? $31.95 at LCBO.

CEDER’S Gin (non-alcoholic)

If you’re not planning on having alcohol but don’t want to miss out, then CEDER’S is a great tasting alternative to still enjoy during the festive season.  Made with exotic South African and classic botanicals and produced in Sweden. Make a tasty Classic “Gin” & Tonic simply by adding a premium tonic over ice — we love Fever Tree, and add a twist of lemon. Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary. $24.99 at Well.ca.