The holidays are here, and even with 2020 forcing our gatherings to shrink and implode, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all hope. We are Canadian after all, we celebrate cold and embrace the first sign of frost. So it makes perfect sense that we are seeking out fresh new ideas. This idea from Coors Light offers some seasonal inspiration. Yes, the home of Rocky Mountains has brewed up another way of connecting you with friends over the special occasion and to add to your festive traditions. In the spirit of Bonhomme, meet Beerman, your après-everything outdoor pal. 

Coors Light is synonymous with snowy images of an icy mountain peak, and we’re convinced it is likely the very birthplace of Beerman and his frosty flock. While Beerman can socially distance with them best of them and is built for outdoor get togethers, we can only emulate his strength and embrace his vision for a festive holiday season- party or not. But how? Layering up with long-johns, grabbing your spare top hat and scarf and setting to task on your friend’s front lawn, a personal Beerman for everyone on your list. Custom snow creatures for everyone you know allow you to put your friendship, and snowy-artisque on full display. 

And the best part? Beerman is a built-in cooler too, so he’s always ready to hold your beer, and keep it cold too. Consider leaving a few for your friends, and a note to toast when you’re able to safely cheers together. 

Looking for even more holiday cheek, er cheer to spread? Coors Organic’s latest casting call was for a bold campaign to see you in your birthday suit for a photo shoot that will be the feature of a brazen new holiday card created exclusively for that very special someone in your life. A reminder that the best gift, naturally, is you. Get the full skinny on this campaign here- Ho Ho H’au Naturale Kijiji.

Snowy mountain photos by Libby Roach. Media courtesy Coors Light Canada.

This post brought to you in partnership with Coors Light Canada.