We all wish for good night’s sleep and have listened to all the expert advice from doctors and wellness gurus. We have all the bed time rituals in place. Create a soothing, calm environment. Leave devices away from our sanctuaries. Minimize caffeine intake after 4 pm– or better yet, eliminate it all together? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen! Add a relaxing scent. Have a bubble bath. Meditate. Gotcha. Well, how about your pillow? Ever wonder how that factors into a better sleep?

I wonder how many times I flip and turn my pillow around in one night. Gotta get that cool spot. Gotta fluff it to the right “mush” to support under my neck so I don’t get that occasional kink in my neck.

So, when Winkzzz, a Canadian founded and owned pillow company surfaced during the pandemic I was curious. I wondered if it would help at all? I was intrigued by the idea that each pillow is personal and customized to each individual taking into consideration our sleeping habits and preferences.This revolutionary pillow brings together medical experts and technology to offer the ultimate in sleep comfort and support.

Chiropractor Dr. William Heidary set out to design the best possible pillow for consumers. With years of medical experience and working with patients he wanted a pillow that would be beneficial for better sleep and overall wellness. It wasn’t going to be a band-aid solution like many other sleep aids in the marketplace.

His adult patients (including notable talent and celebrities such as Sarah Mclachlan, Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, Deborah Cox, Randy Buckman and The Dixie Chicks), were constantly looking for ways to solve their sleep issues often including neck pain, muscle tension, injury related pain, night wakings, menopause, snoring/sleep apnea are just a few as well as those who suffered from allergies. Then there are the many ways we physically sleep — side, back, front, pillow between the legs?

Adelina Doppler, who is now the CEO of Winkzzz (prior to that she had over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness sector), was experiencing sleepless nights that was impacting her work and personal life. As a friend and patient, she turned to Dr. Heidary and it became clear that something needed to be done. They decided to join forces in creating the company.

They looked at our average pillow and wondered if there was a way to make that better in a saturated marketplace. Could they make this work? After all, they knew the general public have a tendency to stick with their pillows for years and buy them on sale. How could they get their product under the heads of those who they believed could benefit.  What started as a Kickstarter campaign quickly gained attention with many eager to try. The company was able to secure the funds move forward and yes, during covid.

So, what makes it so different? The customization technology factors in individual sleep preferences/habits, pillow density, shape and size. There are options of type of pillow filler and even pillow cases.

How do you customize a pillow?  Winkzzz developed what they consider a “perfect fit measurement tool”. The measurement tool takes the customer on a journey through their biggest sleep concerns as well as asking for their measurements and personal preferences. The data then is analyzed in real-time and provides the customer with their perfect pillow results that can be put into the cart and purchased. Every pillow comes with the unique Winkzzz shape for optimal comfort and spinal alignment.

With the information, the customer can also select from two “infusions”.

The RENEW Pillow is a copper-infused pillow that promotes pain relief and healing while you sleep. With Health benefits that can help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, improve circulation, encourage regrowth of joint cartilage, and is recommended  for people with osteoarthritis or neck injury. Copper is also known for anti-aging benefits, boosting elastin & collagen and copper is 99.9 per cent antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal — it actually kills germs.

The REFESH Pillow is a ceramic-infused pillow stays cool all night long. With Health Benefits the can increase blood circulation, is breathable & durable, disperses & wicks away heat, reduces stress, improves blood oxygen levels, and helps hot sleepers have a cool nights sleep. Ceramic infused also helps to reduce puffiness and improve circulation at the cellular level.

There are two pillow case options available. Egyptian Cotton is known for its softness and durability. It’s free of harmful chemicals and breathable. The Mulberry Silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic, naturally breathable, and dust-mite resistant. It will also absorb less moisture and dirt, reduces acne & and according to Winkzz will help with fine lines and wrinkles, and will protect hair from breakage and split ends by reducing friction and bedhead.


I went through the process of customizing my own pillow. A series of questions were offered via email (app is coming soon). The pillow arrived and I was interested to see if it would offer a better night’s sleep. I opted for a REFRESH pillow since I’ve been experiencing menopausal symptoms over the past year. Hello, hot flashes! Ugh. The consistent cooling feel to the case was noticeable.

The wavy shape of the pillow was curious. I am a side sleeper but I don’t move much when I’m sleeping (unless I’m too warm  or the dog barks and wakes me up– which I know no pillow will be able to help with that — but if I’m not comfortable when I’m trying to sleep then I also become a disrupter in my husband’s sleep).

There was a noticeable dip in the centre of the pillow where my head would naturally lay and my neck would get the support needed without having to try and “mush” it every night. I was worried about neck stiffness that I often find when pillows aren’t molded the way I like. Surprisingly, after the first night on this customized pillow there was no pain or tension when the next day.  It’s been about a month now since I’ve been using the pillow and it continues to hold its shape thanks to the memory foam.

The only foreseeable issue would be pillow cases. You’ll have to order them through Winkzzz and that can be costly since they too are customized.

You can learn more about Winkzzz at their site here.