Eyes may be the window to the soul but without a decent set of brows, what’s the point? As a 90’s girl, I’ve seen everything from bushy to basic, wispy to downright wacky. But when it comes to framing your face, eyebrows are the best bang for your beauty buck.

But with a bounty of beauty options for taming and teasing, getting great brows is a journey, not a destination. With threading, microblading, waxing, plucking, tinting and even laminating, well, that’s a lot of options to break down.


Whatever your look, keep things natural. Semi-permanent eyebrows, by way of microblading, can result in an over-processed look that can appear dated. Your face changes (sags) with age, and no matter how much Botox you’re injecting your eyebrows keep the score. Also keep in mind that the sun can alter the pigmentation used in this tattoo’d eyebrow look. That means your once chestnut brown brows can appear orange or even pink after too much sun damage.

Brow lamination is gaining momentum, but can also be as harsh to delicate follicles. Chemicals used to achieve this gel-slick look can cause breakage and dry out the hair shaft, resulting in more hair loss. While the trend is hitting TikTok hard, sometimes you’re best off to see how things shape up in the future. Green and clean beauty is always en vogue.



Following the holy trinity of good brow-making, study your face to trace your arch. Start by following a straight line up from your outside nostril to where your brow should begin. Then follow that line diagonally to the middle of your eye, that’s where your arch should go. Finally, draw a third line from the outside nostril diagonally up to see where your eyebrow should end.

Use a brow brush to gently push brows up before trimming, if necessary. This is your time to assess what you have. If things are looking a little sparse, perhaps it’s time to get a hand from science. New serums like Shiseido’s Full Lash and Brow Serum utilize Arginine to up the ante and stimulate hair growth.

pacifica dream big brushed up brows


Next, it’s time to get dramatic. Brows can blend in and be barely there, but as we age I’m always looking for impact. From pastes, gels, shadows and pencils, it’s really a personal preference for your comfort level and what look you’re trying to achieve. Smaller wispier effects can be netted with a pencil or drawn on with shadows like Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Duos. If you’re unsure or unsteady, try using a stencil to find a flattering shape.

Pluck, tweeze, thread or wax any strays that don’t conform to the eyebrow map. Ensure you use a gentle for-the-face method, there are special waxes and angled tweezers for this delicate eye area.

pacifica dream big brushed up brows

For bigger more dramatic brows, a gel or liquid-based brow enhancer is a must. The angled brush of Pacifica Dream Big Brushed Up Brows brings a fluffy and impressive look at an approachable drug-store price point. Formulated without talc, parabens, phthalates or mineral oil, this vegan beauty booster locks brows in for a full day of play. The smudge-free formula is easy to go on but still comes off with a swipe of eye makeup remover.