I was scrolling through Netflix a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across A USER’S GUIDE TO CHEATING DEATH  hosted by Timothy Caulfield – a documentary series that examines the controversial procedures and treatments people are seeking to look and feel better. The series examines the science behind some of the these products and services as well as  how companies market wellness products, diets, genetic tests, and cosmetic surgery.

But it goes beyond the celebrity status, the series also follows the everyday people who are following through.  One episode caught my attention that talked about the Vampire Facial aka Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial treatment. Gulp. It was the NASTIEST thing I had ever seen but I was completely intrigued and kept watching. Who comes up with this stuff? Shivers! I shelved the thought in the back of my mind – it’s a great conversation starter with my bffs.

What inspired me to write about this now? A friend of mine recently did it. This person will not be revealed here. It was sheer coincidence that I had seen the documentary about this treatment. We met up for lunch and I was amazed at how incredible my friend’s face looked. Absolutely smooth and flawless. What the hell? My friend must have noticed me staring with a very confused look. My friend revealed that it was thanks to the PRP treatment. OMG. I nearly screamed as I had just seen the documetary! I had so many questions.

It’s been in the US for a few years but it’s recently available in Canada. The Vampire Facial has been popular amongst the celebrities — yes, Kim Kardashian has done it.

What are the supposed benefits?

  • boosts collagen
  • repairs damaged tissues
  • regenerates skin tissue
  • improves skin’s overall texture and surface
  • repairs scars
  • improves skin pigmentation

How does it work?

The skin treatment is done in the medispa in as little as 20 minutes. According to my friend, your face will be a bit red but things settle down pretty quickly with in 24 to 48 hours. Essentially, the treatment uses your own blood. It’s drawn out and then the rich platelets are isolated before applying to your skin. It’s applied topically or by microneedling or microdermabrasion but according to my friend, it’s not too uncomfortable. Sunscreen is a must.

Who’s it for?

Well, it would make sense that the target demographic would be women and men who have noticeably aging skin. I highly doubt that Kim Kardashian really needed it. Plus it ain’t cheap!

How much does it cost?

I’ve been told it’s about $800 in Toronto. But it would be strongly advised to find a reputable place to have this treatment done. Do your homework and most places will offer a consultation before committing to see if this treatment is even right for you. Remember, this isn’t your usual spa treatment! The place my friend went to had medical doctors and registered nurses on staff.

I’ve been given the opportunity to try it. Now the question is…should I? Would YOU?