Workouts can be a grind. But sticking to your workout routine is a bit easier when the gym comes to you. The SoHo Hotel in Toronto takes working out seriously. Dalton Brown, SoHo’s in-house celeb trainer offers the antidote to sleeping in. With spacious suites offering panoramic views of downtown, it’s easy to bust a move right in your own bedroom.



Dalton Brown shows us how to stay flexible with the World’s Greatest Stretch, right in the oversized suites at The SoHo Hotel 🏨 #stretch #training #torontohotel

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Dalton Brown, the owner of Dalton’s Gym, is a pro bodybuilder and IFPA-certified personal trainer. He’s worked with celebs like Madonna and P!nk, Queen Latifah and many more. Dalton crafts individual workouts around the needs of his clients. Think core stabilizing exercises, stability training and total body conditioning.

Dalton adjusts to meet your needs, no matter your skill level or degree of fitness. His calm and friendly personality is full of encouragement and wisdom. As a professional bodybuilder, he makes it all look effortless, while quietly challenging you to power through his dynamic circuit.


soho dalton brown gym

Deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses are only part of the program. Hand weights, a skipping rope and a smile are all you need for a HIIT-style workout, all in your suite. Being in your own space to privately work out puts shy types at ease.

Next, scope out the dynamic gym on the second floor at The SoHo Hotel. Dalton has fined-tuned his program to incorporate diet plans. Knowing what to eat when takes all the guesswork out of staying on a sound nutritional path. Between incorporating a rigorous workout and adding a healthy diet going forward, Dalton’s clients are ensured of support every step of the way.

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Access to SoHo’s well-equipped gym is also part of the package. Working out while on the road and squeezing in a bit of cardio helps, and the open-air space with bikes is certainly an inspiring space to seasonally enjoy.

Buff types will appreciate the many Smith Machines, free-weights and leg press machines. Having a seasoned pro show you the ropes keeps you motivated, and injury-free. Dalton brings this all together in one convenient package.

Contact The SoHo Hotel or Dalton directly @dalton_brown_gym to book your sweet sweat session!

All photos by Libby Roach.