Supernatural is as immersive as it is addictive. Part of Mark’s Metaverse, it’s also a heart-thumping workout on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. I have to admit, I don’t like VR. I am a die-hard gamer-girl but didn’t enjoy the construct of the games, until now.

I’m a fitness enthusiast, rotating from HIIT to running, sports and yoga, only barre gets left out of my repertoire. I’ve been a loyal devotee of workouts online since the pandemic disrupted my flow, wracking up splat points and turning my living room into a jungle gym. I even tried to buy a Peloton Tread before they were recalled. I honestly didn’t want a giant piece of equipment hogging up space and quietly shaming me for lack of usage. VR is just so much more practical.


There’s been a few other workout-type VR games before Supernatural‘s launch, but the secret sauce of this low-impact game is the fun. Part wanderlusty travel fix, part nightclub twerk-session, Supernatural sets the score with a discography of hits perfectly choreographed with the intent to get you moving. It works. From light > medium > heavy workouts, you will feel the burn. I normally tuck into a quick 20-minute session and reliably hit 300 calories with their light dance workouts and definitely feel it the next day.

While the music sets the epic stage, the workouts benefit from a human touch, and wisely, Supernatural sourced the best talent. If you’re familiar with POPSUGAR Fitness then you know Coach Raneir Pollard and his sassy overtures, but seasoned pros Doc, Leanne and a rolling crew of guest coaches keep things fresh and you motivated. I love the inclusion of amateur athlete Chesney Mariani, a dedicated SN user that got the uplift of a lifetime when she was tapped to host her own workout.


Basically, you use your own bodyweight to lunge, squat and blast through triangles, smashing targets as you go. It seems easy, but it’s not. It’s leg day on repeat, and while you would think your body would get used to it, mine sure hasn’t. Ramping up at an explosive pace, your lungs burn, your will arms ache, your glutes will quiver. And your dog will laugh at you but that’s beside the point. Accountability by way of the Supernatural companion app, you can keep track of progress (yes, each workout gives you a score), challenge other friends and family and post your workouts on socials too.


There are over 500 workouts that are calibrated to your every move. Power and precision are measured and every squat, lunge and smack are recorded to provide precise feedback on your workouts. There are four different workouts to choose from: boxing>flow>meditation>stretch. Everybody can benefit from a little Supernatural! ✨

Supernatural is only available in Canada and the US for $18.99 USD/month or $179.99 USD/year.

Lead image by Libby Roach.