The summer weather is here and we’re all looking for fun things to do outdoors for our next date night…or maybe first date night? For singles there are no shortage of dating ideas that can help break the ice. Celebrity Matchmaker Carmelia Ray offers her latest advice to us as she turns our attention to the new¬†WooYou app.

WooYou is the latest app which launched this Spring, featuring unique and exciting date ideas created by singles interested in “Woo-ing” their match. WooYou app encourages Toronto singles to create interesting date ideas using hundreds of pre-written date templates, or for someone to create their very own dream date by completing the “create a date” process.

If you’re tired of swiping through countless profiles and genuinely interested in making a real-life connection through a shared activity, WooYou app is for you! You can focus on dating and going out on dates with someone based on a common shared active or interest. WooYou app makes creating a date leisurely, by allowing you to choose from hundreds of date templates in three date categories: Active, Cultural or Dining.

For those who already know the kind of activity and favourite place they would like to take their date, you can opt to follow our step by step “Create A Date” process. Not only are all the date details considered such as location, time and special details, you can also choose who pays in advance! You get the option of choosing “Me. You or Share.” Talk about taking care of all the details to throw any awkwardness out the window!

Here are Carmelia’s Top 5 Outdoor Date Ideas posted by real singles on WooYou app. She encourage you to check out these great outdoor date ideas, and to create your own!

Crepes and Drinks at Krepesz – Category Dining
I can’t think of a better way to start my day than the combination of a savoury crepe (made just the way I like it) and an “I am extreme” cocktail, a combination of Bailey’s and Expresso. Krepesz cafe lounge has such a cool vibe with bright creative art in the interior of the restaurant. Whether you are in the mood for a scrumptious crepe, a fresh fruit smoothie, a refreshing sangria or a craft beer, I guarantee this will be a fun first date. We will enjoy our food and drinks, and hopefully, each other.

Group Archery Tag (90 minutes) – Category Active
Let’s check out the #1 archery tag place in Toronto. We start with a 30-minute instruction on the archery range, followed by 60 minutes of fun combat in a group. There’s a huge arena with two courts and we will jump into a group game. We can choose from archery tag or group dodgeball, depending on your mood. I’m looking for a sexy and competitive teammate ready to compete or join me in some fun battle. You can’t be afraid to get hit, and we have to dominate like superheroes! If you’re up for some friendly and fierce competition, this is the date for you. We’ll cool off with a cold drink when it’s over.

Let’s Go For A Walk By The Lake – Category Active
Let’s go back to basics and keep it casual. We can go for a walk by the water, maybe grab desserts and drinks after? We can enjoy this fantastic weather and each other’s company. My treat!

Sushi Making Class For Two – Category Dining / Cultural
Co-winner of the best sushi title in 2015, Chef Russell Auckbaraullee will teach us how to make sushi. This is a beautiful dining experience that includes Moroccan grilled quail, red snapper served in its native banana leaves, and chicken cacciatore. We’ll meet at the location with our appetite for great food and fabulous company.

Drinks, Video Games and Live Band Karaoke – Category Activity
You like to sing and are confident to do so in public while being backed by an actual live band – or at least cheer on others enthusiastically. You enjoy playful competition in the game of skill and impressive displays of hand-eye coordination. You enjoy a casual drink and light snacks while getting to know each other. Let’s share the costs. I like to keep things interesting!

Those are some actual dates posted by several single men and women on WooYou app ready to meet and have some instant outdoor fun. You can download the FREE WooYou app on both Google Playand Apple App Store.