Giving and receiving a gift always begins with a sense of wonder.  I wonder if she’ll like it? Is it unique? Different? Thoughtful? A new Canadian company is fueling that sense of wonder by offering a different approach to gifting. Wonderkind recently launched its one-of-a-kind gift packages.

Founders Tara and Shawna wanted to change the way people approached gifting AND create a convenient, simple way for others to gift that is meaningful and has purpose. Gifting should be a positive experience for both parties.

“We both love gifting and the impact it has whether it’s for a celebration or just letting someone know that you care. The items we choose is a way to express that, I see you, I know you and you matter and our communities matter,” said Tara and Shawna.

What’s also really exciting for us to learn was that the items included in each package are from companies that have been founded or co-founded by female entrepreneurs and creators from across the country. Think handmade chocolates from Nova Scotia, skincare from Vancouver, woodworking and photography created in the Yukon, laptop cases hand-sewn in Montreal, to name a few. And not only that, 10% of sales are donated back to charities including Second Harvest Food Bank, Dress for Success, and Youth Employment Services.

We had a chance to find out more from the founders as we head into gift giving season…

What makes Wonderkind different?

Wonderkind is a unique way of gifting, staying true to supporting Canadian, coast to coast entrepreneurs, high quality products and communities, but easily accessible through our online experience. What sets Wonderkind apart is maintaining the ritual traditional, thoughtful gifting but with a modern angle so you can have both quality and convenience.

Our fun and simple Wonderkind quiz is designed so you can collaborate with us in the gifting process. Our customers guide the gift selection with their answers, yet they still experience the surprise of what is to come. We believe this is a perfect balance. Also, our Women Who Wonder platform is progressive, ensuring all products originate from a business that has been founded or co-founded by a female.

Example of what could be in an Adventure, Birthday, Thank you Wonderkind Gift Box.

Tell us about a couple of your current artisans?

It is very hard to choose, as we have over 100 amazing partners. Every Wonderkind comes with a story. You will find our Women Who Wonder cards in your package so you can learn more about the person behind the items you have received.

To highlight a few, these three amazing women have overcome and turned loss, adversity and stereotypes into a powerful fuel. Not only is their work amazing, they are change-makers and they truly inspire.

Erin H., Den Designs: Artist + Founder, Whitehorse, Yukon.

“All you can do is be you and choose to keep going, even in the face of adversity. It will make you stronger in the end…even though it is hard to see it sometimes.” Erin H.

Devon F., SheNative:  Founder + Chief Changemaker, Saskatoon, SK

“They say there is strength in numbers, and there is also beauty and knowledge to be shared when creating as a team.” Devon F.

Laura B., Nightwood Studio: Owner, Gatineau, QC

“When I created Nightwood, I wanted it to be the antithesis to “bro” woodworking culture-to highlight the femininity inherent to beautiful things and show that this can coexist with being strong and capable.” Laura B.

How are artisans are sourced?

Tara and Shawna have a blend of journalism, advertising, photography and fundraising experience between them. Their skills and experience complement their partnership and knowledge when selecting their vendors. It was a year of research, research and more research! Also, attending markets, craft shows, connecting with entrepreneurs to discover talent and industry referrals.

Their goal in the next 3 years is to travel across Canada and meet partners in person and discover more! It is extremely important for us to feel connected to our partners and build a relationship.

Wonderkind, Québec Liaison Julie Paquin is an established French copywriter from Québec. She has been key in our collaboration to source exceptional Québec talent for Wonderkind and communications with vendors. In 2020, Wonderkind will become a bilingual website.

Interested vendors can apply through our online form.

The benefits to them as artists/business owners of online gifting?

The benefits of artists/business owners to be part of Wonderkind online gifting include;

*No consignments
*A guaranteed sale of products
*Wholesale purchase minimum
*Brand, product and creator exposure across Canada and the US through Wonderkind – Women Who Wonder platform
*Exposure through the company website and social media platforms
*Professional media content and marketing “Women Who Wonder” interview series to share on social channels
*Opportunity to promote your craft through Wonderkind workshops and mentorship
*Networking, learning and collaboration opportunities.

Wonderkind values and appreciate the love, talent and time that our vendors invest in their work. The products of our entrepreneurs and creators will never be discounted and we stand behind paying industry standard wholesale pricing. We follow the retail value set out in the vendors pricing guideline and we never except production donations.

How customized can we get with requests?

A great deal of research, time and thought has gone into our Wonderkind quiz. There is a section for you to include further details about your likes/dislikes for gifting or the recipient. I.e. I do like cilantro, do not send me clothes, I love anything-purple etc.

For special events and packages over $525, we provide one on one, gift catering consultation.

You don’t know what you’re getting exactly in each box, if there’s something we’d need to be exchanged or returned, how do you take care of that?

Wonderkind’s products are carefully selected and packaged with the recipient in mind. We do not offer refund or exchange for packages or it’s inclusions. If a shipment or product is damaged or broken in transit, please submit 2 photos and a description to In good faith, we will replace the damaged item with a product of equal value.

If there is an item in your package that is not the right fit for you, we encourage you to share it with someone else you feel would appreciate some Wonderkind.

You can find out more about this incredible gifting service at