Any seasoned Canadian will tell you what you need to get through the roughest and wildest winters- a well stocked pantry! That means soups, and while I shy away from tinned sodium-rich soups, the kind folks at Amy’s Kitchen offered a winter warm up basket and well, I was game to try it and mostly take the easy way out. I am not a vegetarian, but know many veg heads and vegans that treat the brand like a staple in their house, so I was tickled to give it a try.

With a more gourmet approach, and a nifty pull open tab, Amy’s soups are heat and serve, so it’s completely idiot proof. With upscale flavours like Organic Butternut Squash or Quinoa, Kale & Red Lentil, you can feel good about eating from a can. I mean, I heat and serve, but don’t let me tell you how to live your life.

Gourmet foods that are easy to make are like a mini vacation from meal prep. I dig the natural ingredients, commitment to organics and straight up honest nourishment, not laden with preservatives. BPA free can lining is a smart upgrade. Thanks for the winter warm up Amy’s!