Last year, I posted a list of my favourite drinks after spending a summer trying out as many as possible. At that time, I was just looking for light, fruity, low THC drinks to help me deal with pandemic anxiety. But then, winter set in and I was looking for some new infused bevvies to enjoy while binge watching cooking shows under the covers. My search continued and, finally, I have added some new things to my daily stash.

My Current Faves:


Deep Space

deep space
This is a heavy high that puts me to sleep within an hour

Canopy’s Deep Space is an interesting little drink. Basically, it tastes like Chinese Medicine to me although it seems like lots of people hate it. It’s kind of like carbonated Red Bull without all the sugar- and it packs a wallop. My husband mixes his with Cherry Cola and lots of ice but I quite like the flavour on its own.

Unlike Red Bull, this sativa dominant drink is NOT the drink to choose for a night of socializing. On the other hand, if you want to slumber deeply for a restful 8 hours of nighty night, this is your poison. It is much heavier than any other 10mg drink I have tried so we split the small can and I find that my 5mg is perfect. I rate this five ZZZZZs

Collective Project

Tastes like an orange creamsicle

My current drink of choice for chilling in my fleece onsie, watching Worst Cook In America snuggled under my duvet is Blood Orange Yuzu and Vanilla by Collective Project. Yes, the same Collective Arts that makes fabulous alcoholic beverages has come up with a line of delicious infused drinks. Perfectly balanced with 10mg of both THC and CBD, this drink keeps you mellow but won’t put you to sleep. It’s delicious and brings back childhood memories of the creepy dude with the Dickie Dee bike. There is a Mango Pineapple Coconut and a Lemon Honey Ginger Chamomile if Orange Creamsicle is not your jam.

Mango Shot

Think of it as a THC shooter

THCBioMed has blessed us with this fruit based, fast acting 10mg THC 30ml tasty treat. It’s perfect for those times where you don’t want to drink a whole can of something. I have heard that you can carry this in your purse and discreetly down it at, for example, a covid safe outdoor event in the time it takes to hold your breathe, lower your mask and put it back on. I can’t say that this works, for sure, it’s just something that I have heard. You know. From other people.

Like alcohol, all of these drinks are to be consumed by those who are age 19+ . If you have kids, keep them in a separate fridge and out of reach of curious kiddos. They are available at most independent retailers but contact first to make sure they are in stock.