Who doesn’t love whipped butter? Alternatively, you can add some honey to that? Shut the front door. Now, use my canna butter recipe and use this stuff on just about anything from toast or cornbread to pancakes. You can adjust the salt if you like to make it a bit saltier – I know I love a good hit of salt in my sweet things, just make sure to taste it before adding anymore. Try my easy, peasy Brown Butter Soda Bread for the perfect vehicle to get this lovely, salty canna butter into your mouth.

The best thing about this recipe, besides the fact that it is delicious, is that it requires zero cooking. If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can use a hand mixer and kick it old school like your grandmother, assuming, of course, that your grandmother was into edibles.

You are getting just under 5mg of THC per tbls with this recipe so its a perfect little micro dose on your Sunday french toast to jumpstart your day of rest.

Whipped Honey Canna Butter Recipe

whipped canna butter recipe
12 1 tbls servings of approx 4mg THC each

1/4 cup butter, room temp

1/4 cup cannabis infused butter (approx 52.5mg THC), room temp

Pinch kosher salt

1/4 cup honey

Make sure both butters are nice and soft – not melted but absolutely at room temperature. Combine all the ingredients in a stand mixer or food processor. Whip the butter until you get a fluffy, creamy, spreadable texture. Store in the fridge and take out to soften before serving for at least one hour.

* based on infusing 1 gram 20-22% THC cannabis into 1 cup of butter