The recent shift in Daylight Savings Time really hit us hard. We don’t usually get too bothered but for some reason this year was a real killa! Not sure if it’s because this winter felt like it went on FOREVER or are we just exhausted and stressed with everyday life. Then we found out that March 15th is World Sleep Day! We definitely want to celebrate that!

We also wanted to find out if there were tips on how to catch some better quality zzzzz’s.  Experts Stephanie Kersta and Carolyn Plater, of HOAME, explains why sleep is so important…

Is it really necessary to have a full night’s sleep?

“Lack of sleep has been linked to so many issues – it raises the inflammation in our bodies, which has been linked to the development of every disease. We know that lack of sleep lowers our overall performance and reaction time, lowers our sex drive, raises anxiety and increases the risk of the development of mental health issues. We also know that lack of sleep also negatively impacts our microbiome, which we know is the second brain.”

What about our electronic devices? We “know” we shouldn’t use them but we think we have them under control.

“Electronics emit blue light, which negatively impacts our ability to produce melatonin (suppressing production for up to three hours), negatively impacting our circadian rhythm. Electronics can also keep us up later than we hoped! We all know the infamous Instagram scroll – before we know it, it’s 1 a.m. and we need to be up in 4 hours! Lastly, electronics and use of social media can bring about negative feelings before bed, so often we will be looking at something that can spike our insecurities and anxiety, negatively impacting our mood and creating a rumination cycle that is difficult to get out of.”

How can we get a good night’s sleep with our hectic schedules?

“So many ways! Hot baths before bed, gratitude journalling (puts our mind in a positive frame before bed to break the anxiety spiral), a weighted blanket, essential oils such as neroli, lavender and chamomile, Valerian root, bedtime sleepy teas, a good sex sesh (solo or with a partner), a curated routine around sleep, and a good meditation or yoga nidra class always does the trick.”

In honour of World Sleep Day, HOAME will be transforming their studio into a dreamy oasis, complete with sleep-themed classes (listed below) and a Saje essential oil dose bar. Bring your friends or go solo to relax and unwind to a better night’s sleep! Dreamy? We think so!
Hoame (430 Adelaide Street West, Toronto) is a beautiful one-stop destination for meditation and mindfulness. Here you can nurture your body in restorative classes, immersive yourself in light and dark themed studios, salt cave, infrared sauna, workshops and much more all in a modern setting. Their classes and services are created for all levels of experience. Expert teachers guide you through and the space is also a welcoming environment for those who want to relax before or after classes.
Link to reserve your cushion here: 

Rhythmic Rest | 12-1 PM, Light Room | A special restorative yoga class involving slow and deep poses to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, ending with an extended lie-down meditation where live guitar will lull you to your final rest.

Needles and Namasleep | 5-6 & 7-8 PM, Dark Room | A specialty sleep involving deep lie-down meditation coupled with acupuncture in pressure points designed to bring someone into their deepest state of relaxation; it will help you feel as rested as if you had 8 hours of REM sleep.

Moonbeam (Meditation and Reiki) | 5-6 PM, Light Room | A special sleep-themed lie-down meditation class involving a guided meditation while a certified reiki master provides hands-on energy work, promoting deeper relaxation and ensuring a good night’s rest.

Dream Yoga | 6:30-7:30 PM, Light Room | Designed to tap into your conscious dream states, this class includes gentle yoga to decompress after a busy work week. A Hoame notebook and pen will be provided to dream journal post-class.

BTW, if you wear your pyjamas, you’ll  be entered in a raffle for a prize pack of Hoame’s new line of sleep-friendly products.