Face it- we may never make it to The Oscars but we can all have a little red carpet reveal with a JetPeel Facial. Want the secret of the stars to look Oscar-ready? A look that never goes out of style? Hello, it’s perfect-looking skin! How do the stars get it? A JetPeel Facial. We spoke with Dr Julia Carroll of Compass Dermatology on Oscar Season beauty trends she sees most in her busy uptown clinic.

dr julia carroll, jetpeel facial
Dr Julia Carroll of Compass Dermatology

There’s an uptick in services post-Oscars, like the popular JetPeel Facial…

Dr Carroll says there’s a noticeable bump in requests post-awards ceremony. “Certainly there’s a lot of buzz around The Oscars, particularly when a certain celebrity shows up looking very different than they did before. That transformation and if they drop the name of a product or a service then those are definitely on my patient’s lips the following week.”

Services like Botox, Fillers and laser treatments like BBL are part of that demand, and so is just achieving that healthy glow. Clear and clean skin promotes a foundation of beauty. That means less makeup and more confidence.

In terms of celebrities, especially those in their 40’s and 50’s, Dr Carroll is quick to spotlight a few darlings who are doing it right.

“Beyonce and JLO are ethereal. They’re doing these things that we don’t even know- they look continuously the same and better every year. Looking at this year’s Oscars, Annette Bening, her jawline is amazing for her age, and Jodie Foster has done that intentional ageing. She’s definitely doing a little something but she’s letting herself have a few little lines left behind.

Emily Blunt looks fantastic. Emma Stone throws on a little red lip and is ready to go out the door but she’s clearly doing a little bit of this and that…


What’s the secret to the best red carpet looks? We chat with Dr Julia Carroll, dermatologist at Compass Dermatology about how to achieve that perfect skin tone…in just one step! #jetpeel #skincare #auburnlanebeauty #derm #oscars

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What should you do leading up to that big event?

Dr Carroll suggests consulting your dermatologist months before your big event. That pre-planning consult is crucial to ensure you have time to heal and recover. One of her favourite treatments is the Sylfirm X Radio Frequency Microneedling.

With minimal downtime, skin texture and quality are improved in as little as three treatments. You’ll notice a bit of redness and swelling for a day or two, so planning ahead is key here. But if you’re pressed for time, don’t fret. Another favourite service of hers can even be done same-day.

“JetPeel is the go-to the day before. This helps do lymphatic drainage on the face so it will take away that puffiness. If you’ve been on the party circuit it will help with that undereye area. And then it goes exfoliation with the JetPeel and then it’s a customized serum. I would recommend this for anyone with a big event like a wedding, red carpet, or TV appearance, you can do it the same day and have an amazing glow. Red carpet perfect!”

JetPeel Facials are for Everyone

Pristine pores are equally as important for men, too. Dr Carroll treats most men are looking for eye-area improvements.

“For men, I feel like there’s a real concentration on the eye area. The guys are looking to improve the crow’s feet, often the 11s, using a neuromodulator like Botox. Tear trough, the hollowing under the eyes, that’s a huge area for men. It makes you look tired. No one wants to look tired. For men, I find I tend to undertreat a little and leave a little of the danger behind. Just so they don’t look so done and so perfect. But you take the lead from the man, and some want to look more done and some want to look less done.”

Dr Carroll also relies on Slyfirm X for the eye area. It’s the only micrnoneedling device that Health Canada approved to use not only around the eyes but on the lids too. It really helps to lighten and tighten up that area.

If you’re thinking red carpet or for your event the big request she has is that you get in touch with your cosmetic dermatologist early so you can make a plan. She loves working with patients from the event date and working back so you can make sure you can get everything organized so you can look your best for your big day.

Find out more about Xcite Tech and the JetPeel Facial – and where to book – https://jetpeel.com/

Lead photo courtesy Getty Images. Photo of Dr Carroll courtesy Compass Dermatology.