We’ve been cooking and baking more than ever before. I admit to having hit COVID19 COOKING FATIGUE recently. So, when the team at Chefs Plate asked if our family would be interested in checking out the new Thanksgiving Meal Kit, it triggered a reminder for me to revisit meal kit services.

I’ve used meal kit services in the past for several years. It was convenient for my family especially on those nights where everyone was running in different directions from work and school to whatever. The appeal was not just because everything pre-measured and portioned out for recipes which helped minimize food waste for us who like a lot of variety in our meals, but it was also great as my older kids and hubby could also help pitch in and do some of the cooking by following the step-by-step recipes.

Now that we are heading into fall and the kids are returning to school…or whatever, we can easily work in the recipes into our lunch AND dinner rotation. It’s been full-on meals since everyone’s been home  — that’s, 14 meals we need to make each week not counting breakfast! I took a look at the upcoming recipes and decided to work in 4 meals again.

The Chefs Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Scallopini Meal Kit caught my attention because I love turkey and since we are keeping within our  “bubbles”, we won’t be planning  our usual full-on family feasts for over 10 people this year.

When creating the recipe, Chefs Plate’s recipe developer, Meredith Youngson, was inspired by mixing traditional flavours with some exciting tasty twists….she says, “in a time of uncertainty, there’s comfort in traditional but some updates make things extra special.”

What’s on the Chefs Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Scallopini with Thyme and Mushroom Sauce meal kit?  All the ingredients to make…

  • Turkey Scallopini (turkey breast) from family-run Hayters Farm (Dashwood, Ontario)
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Crispy Bacon and Pecans
  • Garlic & Truffle Smashed Potatoes
  • Fresh Mushroom & Cream Sauce

Instructions are straight forward and step-by-step details also are presented in an order that makes prep less stressful even for teens. Like any meal kit, always read the instructions ahead of time. All the ingredients are pre-measured and safely packaged for convenience. Always check if you need to defrost meats, for example. The majority of the ingredients are in the box, there are a few pantry basics needed (e.g. salt, pepper, olive oil).

I often get asked about portions with meal kits. I have two big kids, and hubby to feed. This particular meal kit is well portioned and tasty for us — we even had leftover potatoes! I just wish there was an option to send a pumpkin or apple pie too… oh! and cranberry sauce! I miss that. 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Chefs Plate now offers an ‘add on’ feature so up to 8 servings can be ordered of this, and any, recipe. Also available are portions for 2 or 4 people. 

If you’re a parent of a kid who’s away for university or college, this may be something you might want to send off to them for the upcoming holiday. It’s a great way to prepare a meal with roommates and have the comforts of Fall while keeping in their bubbles. Just remind them of cooking meat to the right internal temperatures especially when it comes to poultry dishes.

The Thanksgiving meal kit will be available to consumers to order starting Oct. 3. With each purchase, Chefs Plate will donate $1 to Second Harvest. Link here for ordering details: www.chefsplate.com