Staples Canada has just opened their newest location in Corktown in downtown Toronto with a big unveiling of their Richmond Street space and it’s quite a departure from their recently shuttered Front Street location (condos, of course). Known as an office emporium of all things paper, the store and branding has evolved and the new space is intuitive and modern, with three floors to service your tech and lifestyle needs, including a Mos Mos Coffee bar.

staples corktown mos mos coffee

Notably, the energy has shifted to a more entrepreneurial focus, partly created by the work-from-home mandate that has many of us double-dipping into hobby-jobs to make ends meet. From cute crafts for the kids to sleek 49″ curved monitors for gaming, the merch also received an upgrade, thoughtful consumer experiences (journals, actual ink pens, Gry Mttr designed bags and bottles) nestle in with the latest audio, the freshest furniture finds and of course, all the hardcore hardware you need to run your empire.

staples corktown

My favourite feature has to be the third floor. Part open-air patio and part co-office, this winning workspace features stand-alone suites for private phone calls, a fully equipped audio space for creating crisp podcasts and desks for meetings. Book ahead for a nominal fee to access these unique spaces to level up your next project. Sunny murals both on the patio and the staircase leading to the space were painted by local community artists Pascal Paquette and Zuna Amir, further inspiring greatness and adding to the modern edge that Staples Canada is angling for.

Adding to the feelgood momentum, Staples Canada donated $5,000 to charity partner MAP to Even the Odds and help eliminate inequities in the Corktown community.

Stop by Staples Corktown to scope out the latest in tech- everything is on touchable display, with thoughtful wipes and sanitizing stations dotting the store, safety is the first priority.

All photos by Libby Roach.