We had the chance to try some dishes from PC ® Insiders Report TM and hot damn if Galen hasn’t done it again. Picking up on the success of their Yuzu themed menu last summer, Team PC is angling for a season of spontaneous hangout sessions and effortless entertaining. Not only has Team Weston conjured up a summer-minded menu that’s inclusive of many diets, but they’ve also sought to inject a little worldly culture too.


pc insiders report kofta meatballs

Not officially part of the PC Insider’s Report, but too good not to include, the PC Mini Jamaican Beef Patties are a deliciously easy appetizer. Paired here with Suzanne’s Hot Stuff Mango Scotch Bonnet Sauce, you have a winning combo for a firey first course. PC Kofta Beef Meatballs with tzatziki offer a fragrant smattering of earthy spices. They’re a delicious add-on that’s super simple to crank out of the oven in a snap.

Meanwhile, the PC Za’atar Hummus Chickpea Dip and Spread is tasty. Sesame, oregano and sumach offer a Middle Eastern influence. This dish is a natural add-on for fresh-cut veg or crackers. Who doesn’t like hummus? Vampires, that’s who.

pc insiders report zaatar hummus

Next up, we tackle the PC Korean Taco Kit, which includes everything you need but a protein. It comes with 12 soft flour tortillas, PC® Memories of® Seoul Gochujang Chili Sauce, and PC® Korean Barbecue Taco Seasoning Kit. Just add chicken, ground beef or soy-based ground and make this meal in minutes. Spicy, sweet and a fun mid-week summer meal.


Because we can’t resist, we tested out PC Italian Tipo “OO” Flour Pizza Dough. Using authentic 00 flour and extra virgin olive oil, this dough is simple to stretch. With two dough balls per bag, there’s enough for two generously sized pizzas, but we suggest adopting a make-your-own approach. Bake in the oven at high heat, or toss on the bbq like we did. 🍕 

pc insiders report pizza dough

Easy peasy optional lemon squeezy, the PC Maple Soy Cedar Plank Salmon ASC-certified Atlantic Salmon is a hit. Taking the work out of soaking your planks, this thoughtfully crafted kit is foolproof. Sauced up and set on a soaked cedar plank, cooking is a snap. Embrace the set it and (almost) forget it approach. BBQ-ing cooks the fish evenly and quickly and let it rest. Tuck a few in your freezer and pair with a salad for a simple summer meal.

pc insiders report Maple Soy Cedar Salmon

Finally, end on a sweet – but not too sweet- note. PC Banana Strawberry Fruit Bars are nostalgia on a stick. Leave the ovens off and kill the bbq, sometimes easiest tastes best. These bars are delightful, slightly creamy courtesy of the bananas and a low-cal dessert that doesn’t feel stingy.

All images by Libby Roach.

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